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I was a young impressionable… animal, really. Followed my instincts wherever they took me. I was a freshman at Saint Joseph’s University and always had passion for art. When I was young I would spend hours and hours sketching random things that popped in my head or that were in my room. I remember vividly drawing my dresser, my bed, and a vanity that was in my mom’s room. I really lost track of that passion to draw as I got older.

As I was entering college I realized I could embrace that passion again and see where it took me. I chose an introductory art class and didn’t know what was in store. I had a great time and have rediscovered my passion.

Since I don’t have those sketches that I mentioned, I will show you a quick video of a video I took of my final project for my freshman art class. It’s not much but I enjoyed it. I hope you do too.

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The link to the video can be found here to my youtube channel.


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