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  1. jlawrence

    Uncomfortably Hungry

    Notes from an interview with Tim Owens – “We Are All Artists” – conducted by Jim Groom. Keywords: hungry, uncomfortable, mashups, minimalist, noise, children’s books, antique stores, iconography, creative family. The interview was a fun and insightful piece on design […]
  2. jlawrence

    Design Blitz

    The following gallery contains photos that I took while on an adventure that we are calling a “design blitz”. We were given concepts to capture and resources on how to understand these concepts. The concepts included: color, typography, metaphor, minimalism, […]
  3. jlawrence

    Art V-Card – daily create

    I was a young impressionable… animal, really. Followed my instincts wherever they took me. I was a freshman at Saint Joseph’s University and always had passion for art. When I was young I would spend hours and hours sketching random […]
  4. jlawrence

    Weekly Summary 1

    Had a rough week getting started but “they” say it’s always the hardest getting started. I really enjoyed the assignments this week and I cannot wait to get going with the rest of the summer session. I enjoyed the photo […]
  5. jlawrence

    Two Animals – 3 Stars

    The following photo is of two of my character’s favorite animals. Sly like a fox and as vicious as a golden eagle. I created this image by using an online photo editing software piZap. I hope you all like it. […]
  6. jlawrence

    Selfie While Recycling

    As a culture, speaking very generally, we take selfies of everything we do. Even before it was a “thing” we were taking “selfies” in our lives even if it wasn’t with a camera. A culture of appearance has crept into […]
  7. jlawrence


    I can be a cynic and downer when I have my thoughts to myself but I project a very positive attitude otherwise. This assignment we had to post what the future might hold for someone else. Because I am by […]
  8. jlawrence

    Photo Safari Blitz

    The following images are from my photo safari. I actually really enjoyed this task. I had to think quickly due to the time limit and I feel like it helped my creativity flow. For instance, the task to shoot two […]
  9. jlawrence


    Silence… Silence is inconceivable. If you stop talking, then you listen to the hum of life around you. If you stop listening, then your mind and body start chattering at you. When you die there is nothing to embrace death’s silence […]

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