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Journal for Week 11

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Journal Entry for Week 11 – DS 106

Another week of video!
Talky Tina Analysis

I Am Me

Sun City Girls Documentary

Origami –

The do before I die

Mia Hamm Instant Replay

Despicable Bl****p

Daily Create
Big Bird Look-A-Like This picture was posted on my bosses office door. It’s her granddaughter and she’s a proud grandma! She forwarded the picture to me, which I downloaded and then looked for a similar character. I found Big Bird in my search and saw a resemblance. I used Publisher and imported both pictures. They were cropped and edited to create the same size and proportions. The picture was uploaded to flicker for a few final touches.

Cartoon Yourself in this Daily Create. This was an interesting and fun activity. After finding a picture of myself, which was difficult because I’m usually the one taking pictures, I uploaded it to pixlr. After experimenting with a few variations I chose this particular effect.

Sidewalk Crack Art – Tree.  For this daily create, I went online looking for images of cracked sidewalks. Surprisingly there were some interesting pictures. With this image, I visualized the trunk of a tree. It was saved and downloaded then printed. Unfortunately, I only had access to a black and white printer. However, the doodling took shape and with only one color – green it actually resembled a tree.

Video Assignments

Enjoy this dog-lovers good luck message with slo-mo instant replay. With my hobby of photography, it was a natural lead into video. A few months ago, I had taken a video with my iPhone intending to send it to my daughter who’s away at college. Not being iPhone savvy and not (yet) completely comfortable with social media, I never sent it. I downloaded the video and used Movie Maker to create this slow motion instant replay. The original segment was duplicated in Movie Maker so I could keep one section at the original speed and select a portion of copy for slow motion. The clip was edited using the split and clipping tools to delete the portion that wasn’t needed. The speed was changed to .25x.

Character Description  I have to give credit to my daughter and her boyfriend for being good sports and taking time for me to video and take pictures. I hope they had as much fun as I did. The video and still pictures were taken on the iPhone. It’s amazing what these phones can produce. The video and images were uploaded to Movie Maker. With the help of our friend, I’ll call him Phantom, we worked through a major snag. Once that was corrected, the clips were edited and a script was written. Using my host character, La Noir, and the Smooth & Spooky Radio Show theme, Zombie Apocalypse, I decided to give the audience a more in-depth description of her character. We created a wedding! I went online searching for zombie wedding vows and could not believe all the websites that contained information about the topic. Very strange! I adapted one of the vows to fit the character and incorporated radio show zombie theme where La Noir was the weather reporter for the Smooth & Spooky show. This video made use of creating and adding title, transitions, adjusting speed, and using different effects.

Signing Words Another thanks to my trusty assistant for allowing me to video her signing. We went online to find a sign language tutorial and put together a phrase, which is related to my host character, La Noir. The video was uploaded using Movie Maker and edited. The title was added using a transition leading into the brief sign language clip. Credits were added at the end.

Gary L. Close: A Documentary  – This documentary is about Gary Close, a long-time friend and neighbor. Gary is a man of many talents and interests. He’s an artist, author, devoted husband and father. Gary is civic minded and a former Commonwealth’s Attorney. With a passion for history and preservation, Gary has restored older homes. The video was filmed at Gary’s home in Culpeper. I took photographs as well as video. That was the easy part. The editing took about 4-5 hours using Movie Maker. Once the videos and stills were uploaded, I had to review each segment and decide which to use. The first cut was about 7 minutes long. That’s where the real editing started. After splitting and trimming, and splitting and trimming, and changing the speed of video as well as some audio, I was finally able to condense the documentary into 3 minutes. This 4 star assignment deserves all of 5 stars. Unfortunately, there were some problems with the audio that were not able to be corrected because of having limited use of equipment.

On to the next challenge!

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