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  1. catscarnival


    Comments, comments, comments… and more to come throughout the week. There’s a lot of good creativity going on!  
  2. catscarnival

    Message MASHUP

    With this assignment I combined a video assignments and an audio assignment. The video assignment was edited in Movie Maker to adjust timing for the audio. After copying the audio from its original recording, it was uploaded to the video’s … Continue reading
  3. catscarnival

    Journal for Week 11

    Journal Entry for Week 11 – DS 106 Another week of video! Comments Talky Tina Analysis I Am Me Sun City Girls Documentary Origami – The do before I die Mia Hamm … Continue reading
  4. catscarnival

    60 Second Day

    The 60-Second Day (and a few more). The sound did not transfer when it was uploaded to YouTube and it didn’t show up on my blog yesterday. A frightful week and glad it’s over.
  5. catscarnival

    Big Bird Look-A-Like

    Not exactly a Superhero, but a look-a-like just the same. This is my friend’s granddaughter at a school Halloween Party. The Big Bird photo was found online. The two were cropped and edited in Publisher for a Daily Create.

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