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    Are you considering DS106?


    Are you considering taking the DS106 Digital Storytelling course? Well, take it from experience and pay close attention to the WARNING email you will receive from the professor. I am an adult student who worked full-time and carried 9 credits – 3 of which were DS106. This was one of

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    Tutorial: Professor Groom Poster


    Tutorial: Professor Groom Poster

    For this assignment, I replaced Marlon Brando’s face with Jim Groom’s face on a movie poster for the God Father. MS Publisher was the editing tool, but any photo editor can be used. First I found an image on Google of Jim Groom. The image …

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    Tutorial: Good Morning Message for the Village


    Tutorial: Good Morning Message for the Village

    Write a morning message to use as a script unless you can ad-lib.
    Open Audacity or another recording program.
    With your script ready, begin recording the message.
    Edit as needed.
    When finished, go to File menu and select Export Audio.
    Choose the location …

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    The Homestretch! Journal for Week 13


    This week I spent time creating a storyboard and doing research for the final project. I also submitted a new Daily Create.

    The Daily Create should be a fun assignment. It involves taking a walk (I used a nature walk) and finding something unusual in an obscure place. Take a …

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    Are We There Yet?


    Week 12 Journal
    Mashups and Remixes offered quite a bit of creativity. However, when using some of my own work and host character – La Noir, I couldn’t find too many assignments that did what I wanted to create. So, in addition to making the Mashups and Remixes, I created …

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    Finding Nemo’s New Family


    Finding Nemo’s New Family. This doesn’t belong here… or does it?
    For this assignment I found a picture from Shrek and one from Finding Nemo. Both photos were uploaded to Publisher. Nemo was edited, cut from the original picture, and had the background set to transparent. After re-sizing Nemo and …

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    Message MASHUP


    With this assignment I combined a video assignments and an audio assignment. The video assignment was edited in Movie Maker to adjust timing for the audio. After copying the audio from its original recording, it was uploaded to the video’s Movie Maker file. The audio and video were edited to …

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    The Zombie Family


    The Family of La Noir and Roary. I created this photo by adding two additional zombie people to an existing picture of La Noir. Then I added birds and hands reaching up from the ground. Each added photos was resized, recolored, and had the background set to transparent.

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    Decode that Phrase


    Signing Words
    Thank you goes out to my trusty assistant for allowing me to video her signing. We went online to find a sign language tutorial and put together a phrase, which is related to my host character, La Noir. The video was uploaded using Movie Maker and edited. The …

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    Gary L. Close – A Documentary


    This documentary is about Gary Close, a long-time friend and neighbor. Gary is a man of many talents and interests. He’s an artist, author, devoted husband and father. Gary is civic minded and a former Commonwealth’s Attorney. With a passion for history and preservation, Gary has restored old homes. …

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    Welcome friends and family to the Zombramony of LaNoir and Roary. You may remember La Noir from the Smooth & Spooky Radio Show. In this video you will meet La Noir and her soul mate, Roary.

    This video was complied using Movie Maker, still pictures, an iPhone, and conversion software. …

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    Big Bird Look-A-Like


    Not exactly a Superhero, but a look-a-like just the same. This is my friend’s granddaughter at a school Halloween Party. The Big Bird photo was found online. The two were cropped and edited in Publisher for a Daily Create.…

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    Journal for Week 10


    A hectic and exhausting week. Not the best time for learning something new. I’ll just leave it at that.

    Daily Create:

    Drake “Come Winter
    I listened to Drake “Come Winter” and immediately thought of a guy with a broken heart. The lyrics I chose also talked about winter, …

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    A Dogs Life


    A Dogs Life  was created using pictures and video from my iPhone and some from the computer. Movie Maker and VidEditor were used to create the video. Sound was added, but when I listened to it after it was published, the volume was low.…

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    Video Essay – Bride of Frankenstein


    The film I chose to analyze is Bride of Frankenstein. It can be seen here.

    The film was downloaded using YouTube Downloader in an MP4 format. From there I used BoilSoft Video Splitter to select and trim the scene for analysis. The segments were then converted to avi format …

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    Big Bright Buckets of Blueberries


    The big blueberry patch had bunches of bright blueberries.

    Busy Lizzy and her big sissy Leah Bean had big blue buckets.

    They bounced through the thick blueberry bushes.

    Both buckets were full of plump brilliant blueberries.

    We baked buttery blueberry bread for breakfast and ate,

    Blueberry pie with big bowls …

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