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Week 11-Summary :)

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This week again it was a mess, but it is almost over a few more weeks to go and then break and to eat my mother home cooking for a couples of days. This week was dedicated to video assignments which means a lot of video were created which was pretty good and easy. I thought it will be worst but it was quite simple and easy to do.  Some of the assignment I did were: Lip-sync singing I was kind of shy at the beginning but then I said to myself have fun and I did. The next assignment was Origami where I teach how to do a ghost origami and it added to the video assignments. I also added in the video section a Tutorial of how to use a screen sharing/ broadcasting screen for the rest of my fellow student to used too. Then I choose the Pantry scene of the Shinning to complete the assignment of analyzing the scene. Finally, I used for the first time Vine, at the beginning was kind of confusing but I got used to it and completed the assignment of something falling I choose a nail polish because it was nearby. We also were prompted to create a documentary which was worth 0 stars :( but I introduced my host character and I think people will get to know her better, she can be a little weird sometimes but she is nice and smart person.

Finally because I forgot to do my weekly showcase, I redeem myself and I made my showcase for this week which was pretty hard because there is a lot of good material on the blogs.

This week we have to do 3 daily create

This daily create we have to create a poem about the purpose of life.

Another daily create we have to create was to put special effect into a selfie

One of the early daily create was to take a photo of the sidewalk and create it into an art piece





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