Week 11 & 12 Daily Creates

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For Monday’s daily create, we had to transform some side walk cracks into art. The one I found resembled a dog, so I opened up GIMP and tried to outline what I saw.

For Tuesday’s we had to take a filtered selfie. I don’t usually take selfies let alone use filters, so I used the Noir filter on my iPhone because I liked it the most compared to the other filters.

For Friday’s daily create, we were assigned to sketch a character form one of our various stories that we created. I decided to try and sketch the main character of the boxing interactive fiction I created called The Dream. I’m not that great of an artist, but I believe I managed to kinda replicate the image I saw in my mind as I created the story on inklewriter.

For Week 12 Monday’s daily create, we had to take a somewhat boring image and remix it to look out of this world. I decided to take an image of Rorschach from Watchmen who was peeking through a fence and use dreamscopeapp.com to make it look pretty crazy.

For Tuesday’s  daily create, we had to find an image that work well with the title of this song. I thought the Golden Gate Bridge fit the title well, so I decided to go with that.

Thursday’s daily create required us to find our favorite song or theme song and make an inspirational poster out of it. I decided to take an image of a couple leaning on each other and add lyrics from the song Lean On, by Major Lazer and DJ Snake, to create my poster. The poster helps one remember that you don’t need to take on everything by yourself. If you have someone with you to help pick you up whe you fall, you can accomplish anything together.

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