The Pie Caper is on the Loose!

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If you are going out today, watch out for that for the guy who is throwing pies in peoples faces! The authorities still haven’t been able to catch him and the footage above is his 10th victim! What you can do to protect yourself is to make sure you are paying attention to all of your surroundings and make sure you are ready to catch him. As you can, see the victim in the video above almost caught him. Will you be able to catch him? IF you are able to, there is a nice reward that includes money and free dry cleaning for the rest of your life!

This four star video assignment was rather simple for me. I was required to take a clip and edit it so it would look like a replay. If you watched the video, you will notice that I did more than just that. I edited in a freeze frame and some rapid shots of the pie hitting the lady’s face to add some more humor to the video. It didn’t take that long to make, but it did take me a bit to think of some audio to add to the intro and on the freeze frame.

To create this video, I mainly used the Split Tool in Sony Vegas to separate all of the parts of the video that I wanted to. Untitled2

I then used the Time Stretch Tool to  add the slow motion effect. Surprisingly, this was my first time actually using that tool and I’m glad it came out well.


I hope you guys enjoyed my video!

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