Karate Bugmen Compilation

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Rider Jump! Rider Kick! Watch as these guys with their fancy belts kick the butt of every bad guy in their path with their hands and feet. These buglike guys fight for justice to protect humanity from who the bad guy is. Each of them have their own unique powers like traveling at super speed, having the power of atom bombs in their feet, travel through time and even slow it down. They are called Kamen Riders.

To create this four star video assignment, I needed to download some clips from YouTube and put them together in a compilation. I decided to go with the Kamen Riders with their transformations and attacks called Rider Kicks. A Kamen, translates to mask, Rider is pretty famous the somewhat wacky poses and the constantly kicking things to defeat them, so I thought that would be great for a compilation.

It took a bit of work creating this video even though it was only a minute long. I had to find all of the different scenes to see which one worked for the video I had in mind. I then had to find some music for the video, so I went with one of the theme songs from the Japanese show called Let’s Go! Rider Kick! Once I found found everything, I used ClipConverter to download them to my computer before opening them up in Sony Vegas where I  just edited everything together with the Split Tool.jh


I hope you all enjoyed the video about Karate Bugmen.(As I like to call them) See you on the next one.

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