Week 13 & 14 Daily Creates

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For Wednesday’s daily create, we had to show in a photo what was our best time of the day. I went with dinner time only because it has always been my favorite part of the evening and it reminds me of the all of the dinners I had with my mom and grandparents.

For Thursday’s daily create, we had to take a photo of the nearest red object. My pajamas happen to be the nearest red object only because I left them on my bed this morning and I left them there while reading today’s prompt. Now that I think about it, this might be the only red object that I own because I don’t really like the color red all too much.

For Saturday’s daily create, we had to create a caption for the Id-iom’s image. I decided to touch on the whole think outside the box phrase. When you think outside of the box you are supposed to create something unique and special. If everyone thinks outside the box, then it neither unique or special, so you might as well “stay inside the box”.

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