Goku’s Growth

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Going from just a boy with a monkey tail who wants to win the martial arts tournament to being one of the strongest fighters in the universe due to his bloodline is a rather drastic change. As you watch the video, follow Goku’s growth in maturity and strength as he meets the love of his life and fights to protect the Earth from all of the evil aliens. Be warned, this is Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z so there will be a lot of grunting and screaming as he is charging up.

For this four and a half star assignment, I decided to use Son Goku from the series Dragon Ball to show how a character grows over time. The series is something that I watched constantly as a kid and Goku is the first character that came to my mind since he grows tremendously. He learns martial arts from different people, he stops an army from taking over the world with their robots, he defeated the Demon King Piccolo, and even ended the reign of an alien tyrant. Goku’s strength kept rising as he completed each of these goals and even showed that if you work hard enough, you can do anything.

To create this assignment, I first had to download all of the clips of Goku that I wanted form YouTube using the website, ClipConverter.jhI then opened up the clips in Sony Vegas and ordered them in a way that a story of Goku’s evolution would be told.cc

The assignment itself wasn’t difficult, but it was a bit time consuming getting all of the clips and deciding on which ones to use. There are just some many episodes of both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z!

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