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For my last assignment, I did the assignment where I have to read a spam email out loud. I looked through my school email’s spam folder, and found this gem:

These “your account is invalid” phishing emails always have horrendous grammar and spelling. I love them. Anyways, here’s my rendition of it:

I think spam emails are really neat, because while the internet has allowed plenty of people to connect with each other, it’s also allowed for scammers to much more easily find targets. They can easily send out massive numbers of emails to try to get people to give up their data. Even if 999 out of 1000 ignore it, there’ll be that one person who falls for it and gives up their password or something.

On the other hand, it’s really interesting how almost every spam email has incredibly poor grammar and spelling. I imagine they’d get way more people to fall for the phishing attempt if the email actually, you know, looked somewhat official and realistic. Something like the email I read probably won’t get too many people clicking on it because it’s just so obviously fake. Still though, this type of scamming just couldn’t really exist pre-internet. You could maybe mass-send letters, but that’d take a lot more money (all those stamps) for such a low return on investment. Spam emails are free, so even with a very low chance of catching someone, ever person you catch is fully profit. Crazy.

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