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Reversed Firsts

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Finally getting around to actually posting my assignments for the week. First one I’m doing this week is the the Reverse Audio Quiz, where I have to reverse a song and give hints as to what song it is. It’s pretty self-explanatory, really.

I spent a while looking through the songs I have on my computer to try to find a good one to use, since I don’t want to choose something so obscure that no one would have any idea what it was. I eventually decided to change the assignment a little bit and reversed two songs to use in this little quiz. To do this, I just used Audacity. Both of the songs actually ended up with portions that are pretty much unchanged from the originals when reversed, which is pretty neat. Here they are:

And the three hints:

  1. They’re the first songs off the first and last EP, respectively, by the same band.
  2. They were released 15 years apart.
  3. If you take the first word of each EP’s title, you end up with “The Future”.

Lastly, the answers:

1. Gur Zbqrea Ntr
2. Qent Dhrra

To get the actual answers, just put them through a ROT13 cypher. That should make them legible again!

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