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Was I testing Google or was Google testing me?

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Google Draw Something Instructions:

Use Google’s drawing game to create art and have Google guess what it is! You will be given 6 items to draw and in under 20 seconds Google will try to answer it. Go to and start right away. In the end, share your art on twitter with the rest of the class.

Assignment Bank-Web Assignments

The Google Quick, Draw! assignment caught my attention immediately as I was scrolling through the assignment bank. I just knew that I had to do it once, if not a couple times. I thought I would be good at it because I play games that are similar to this with my family all of the time. My favorite kind of spin-off of this game is called Telestrations (the game is kind of a mix of Pictionary and telephone… definitely try it if you ever get a chance!).

Anyway, I did end up doing this a couple of times. I shared my results on Twitter in the following tweets:

In the first tweet, Google guessed all of my drawings. I was very surprised that it guessed bottle cap for the last drawing, though. It is difficult to draw with your finger on a trackpad besides having a twenty second time limit. My drawings were not too bad; Google was able to guess them. In the second tweet, the only drawing Google missed was the short monster. I can’t blame Google, though, because I probably would not have been able to guess “short monster” either. At least Google learned what a short monster drawing might look like. The only thing I learned was that I am not as good at quick drawing as I thought I was.

Some drawings I had a really hard time drawing in particular were the car and the soccer ball. It’s not that I don’t know what they look like. It’s just that the image of the objects in my head did not translate very well onto the screen. While I was drawing the soccer ball, I remember Google guessing a chocolate chip cookie. The drawing honestly looks more like some kind of chocolate chip cookie than a soccer ball. I am surprised that Google has gathered so much knowledge about how people draw a soccer ball to jump from “I see a chocolate chip cookie,” to “oh, I know! It’s a soccer ball.”

The very first time I did the drawings, the robot voice really threw me off. I did not realize that it would be guessing what I was drawing while I was drawing it. When it guessed all of my drawings correctly in the first tweet, I actually wanted to draw more for Google just to see if I could beat it (and because it’s just really fun to do). I was satisfied when it could not guess my short monster, but then I realized that it probably did not recognize my short monster because it was not drawn well.

As I am writing this blog post, I am realizing that my monster was not a bad drawing per say, but it was just something Google had never seen before. It was a unique short monster that no one else thought to draw. (To be honest, I had Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc. in mind when I was drawing the monster.) With this drawing, I was able to teach Google what a short monster can look like, and I learned that no one else draws short monsters like I do.

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