1. adamlostonpatrol

    Radio Show Reflection


    The radio show assignment was a very fun assignment to do. It made us work together to create something that was fun and interesting for people to listen to, and required a lot of creativity. For our groups radio show, we all met up to decide on our theme and …

  2. adamlostonpatrol

    Daily Creates week 7-8


    For October 5th’s daily create, the assignment was to find an example of pareidolia. For my pareidolia, I search google for images of one and stumbled across this one. Its a picture of an elephant, monkey, horse, dog, cat and a mouse all in one. I thought it was pretty …

  3. adamlostonpatrol

    I was born in the darkness..


    “Find an audio clip from a show or movie outside of the Twilight Zone. See example from the Everybody Loves Raymond episode, “Standard Deviation.””

    For the Teezee Reference audio assignment, I had to find an audio clip from a show or movie, so I decided to find an audio file …

  4. adamlostonpatrol

    Fright Through Sound


    “Try to convey a certain emotion, such as fear, stress, sadness, etc. by combing sound effects. They can be human sounds, such as crying with laughter in the background, to maybe express someone’s fears or being embarrassed, or you can get really artsy and try to convey an emotion by …

  5. adamlostonpatrol

    Creating The Radio Bumper


    To create my bumper for the radio show, I first wrote the script for what I was going to say. Then I started searching for background music for the bumper. I wanted to find a song that didn’t have any lyrics in it so it would not interfere with my …

  6. adamlostonpatrol

    Making The Radio Commercial


    For my radio commercial,  I started out by creating a script of what I was going to say. Then, once I created my script, I timed myself reading it until it was at the appropriate length. Then once the script was done, I started searching for music to put in …

  7. adamlostonpatrol

    Weekly Summary Week 6


    This week was all about design and making progress for our groups radio show. I learned a lot about different concepts of design from colors to the meaning of the design itself. The design process was a lot more time consuming than I thought it would because of all the …

  8. adamlostonpatrol

    Its time to Design…blitz


    During this week, I found some designs that use some of the concepts for designing.


    The first design I came across was a Nike ad for a shoe. This ad uses the concept of typography which “is the visual component of the written word.” In this image, Nike tells …

  9. adamlostonpatrol

    Vignelli Reflection


    In the Vignelli Canon, by Massimo Vignelli, Vignelli states that there are three aspects in Design that are important to him: Semantic, Syntactic and Pragmatic. Semantics is uncovering the meaning of the design. Syntactic is the discipline that controls the proper use of grammar in the building of phrases. This …

  10. adamlostonpatrol

    Forbidden Love


    “Take/Find a picture of a couple who are obviously in love. Use the picture to tell a story. Give the story some background and maybe even create a dialogue between the two or tell the story from each point of view. Just give it some detail and create a background …

  11. adamlostonpatrol

    Swimming is Life


    “For this assignment, you get to design your very own t-shirt! Find a blank t-shirt template, then add a picture or some text. It could be a joke, a pop culture reference, a movie quote, or anything else you want.”

    For the “Create A T-Shirt” Assignment I decided to make …

  12. adamlostonpatrol

    Happy Halloween!


    “Make a card for someone through an online design program.”

    For the design assignment titled “The Best To Spread Cheer Is Making Cards For All To See” I decided to go with a Happy Halloween card since it is very close to that time of year and I am in …

  13. adamlostonpatrol

    Green Arrow Banner


    “Create a banner displaying your favorite superhero character.”

    For the Superhero Banner assignment I decided to go with Green Arrow because he is my favorite superhero. I like Green Arrow because of his look. I wear hoods every time I get the chance and I’m also a huge fan of …

  14. adamlostonpatrol

    I Font that Halloween Spirit!




    “A common exercise in design school, take typographical elements (perhaps even the words of a story) and bring them to life.”

    For the “What The Font?” assignment I chose to make a pumpkin out of the phrase “HappyHalloween.” I decided to make a pumpkin for this assignment because …

  15. adamlostonpatrol

    Warning: Baby at Large



    “Have you ever seen those crime shows that organize a case using a suspect board? Like Scandal or Blacklist? Well, that’s exactly what this assignment is. You will create a suspect board (or a board that connects different characters) to show interaction between the people. Feel free to add …

  16. adamlostonpatrol

    Weekly Summary Week 5!


    This week was all about photography and how to improve our photo taking skills. I learned that you can use the environment around you to an advantage when taking pictures, and that you can manipulate the environment to better your photos. I also learned that taking a good picture is …

  17. adamlostonpatrol

    Pimp my Flick!


    We were assigned to pimp up our Flickr pages and see if we could figure out how to embed a set into WordPress. To embed a set into my blog, I googled the html code for how to embed sets into WordPress. By doing this, I found a website called …

  18. adamlostonpatrol

    Tips For Better Visuals


    Throughout the week, I used some tips to help me better exhibit my photography skills:

    Change My Perspective By Changing Yours: Find different and unique points of view. Look down, up, lay down on the ground. Seek perspectives of lines. Look to the light. Probably the most key lesson- be…
  19. adamlostonpatrol

    How do they not know..


    In the visual assignment titles Your Very Own Spubble, the task was this:

    “Learn to love yourself, grab a picture of yourself in which your body language, actions, gestures, etc. suggest one thing and then play off that using a speech bubble. Ideally the result would make people laugh—but I …

  20. adamlostonpatrol

    Razor To Ice Resurfacer


    This visual assignment was called  Apophenia and the task was to find something in my house. Take a picture. Let my imagination churn. Make as many different augmented versions as you can think of. Help others see what’s in your head.

    For the object in my house, I decided to …

  21. adamlostonpatrol



    This assignment was very interesting and I enjoyed it since there was an aspect of spontaneity to it. In this assignment we were tasked with a fun exercise to try out our visual interpretation skills. There was a list of subjects that we had to try to capture in a …

  22. adamlostonpatrol

    Weekly Summary Week 4!


    This week was all about one thing. Audio

    Audio is probably my least favorite way of storytelling when I have to do it myself since I am very nervous when I have to talk to a lot of people, like giving a presentation in a classroom. So putting my voice …

  23. adamlostonpatrol

    Audio Assignment 2- Text Impersonations


    In this audio assignment, I chose Text Impersonations because it seemed like an assignment that could be made humorous since I have a lot of funny conversations with my mother and sister. For example, my mom was making fun of me one day because I used to be obsessed with …

  24. adamlostonpatrol

    Listening to Stories


    For the Listening to Stories assignment, I chose to listen to Talking to Machines by Radio Lab. In it, they talk about the fine line between what is considered a machine, and what is considered to be alive. And about how some people are fooled into thinking that robots are …

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