1. adyke

    Week 15 Summary


    This week was all about doing the movie piece of Letters to Home. I filmed a lot of clips and also recorded a lot of audio clips to overlay in the video (see Dennis’ Final Monologue here). Combining those thing created a lot of editing to produce the final

  2. adyke

    Letters to Home


    I, Dennis, am a freshman at university but things aren’t what I want. I wish to be free and as you might  see I could find a way out.

    This movie is a correlation of letters Dennis has written home,like this one, as well as letters his parents have …

  3. adyke

    Letters to Home Movie Poster


    No proper movie lacks a movie poster. Letters to Home, being a proper short movie, deserved a movie poster. I chose to go with a handwriting font to give it a letter feel. I also chose to go with a photo in which Dennis looks to be leaving which might …

  4. adyke

    Final Monologue


    Dennis’ final monologue in Letters to Home is about him leaving his standard life to go out zombie fighting. It involves him being happy about what he is about to do but at the same time kind of sad because he isn’t sure about the issues that may arise in …

  5. adyke

    Week 13 Summary


    This week was about the final project. I brainstormed an idea for my project and came up with one and talk about it here. I also drafted the first letter home from Dennis that you can see here.  I have some more letters finished however I don’t want …

  6. adyke

    The First Dennis Letter


    A letter from Dennis to his parents:

    Dear Mom and Dad,

    This is not what you want to hear but this isn’t for me. College is hard and this whole institutionalized learning is a terrible system. I feel too constrained; I’m not free to do or learn what I want. …

  7. adyke

    Final Project Idea


    My final media project is going to be a ~15 minute movie. The main character (Dennis my host character) is writing letters home to his parents about his experiences in college and his parents are responding. It will involve a movie as well as some sound editing of Dennis and …

  8. adyke

    Confused Commentating


    Sometimes when watching urban mountain biking I find myself confused with the actual happenings of the events that are taking place in the video. However, that will not stop me from leaving my commentary on one of the cooler urban mountain biking videos red bull showed on their youtube channel. …

  9. adyke

    Chicken Logo Needs Chicken


    One of my favorite places to get some quick food is at Kentucky Fried Chicken. However after further review of the KFC logo I noticed something is missing. There is a serious lack of chicken on the KFC logo. However, me being a gracious person decided to edit the KFC …

  10. adyke

    Our Trip on the Pineapple Express


    TheTwoGreatestStonerMovies… OfMyTime… AreCombiningInOneGloriousSpectacle… ThePineappleExpress… andHaroldAndKumar… JoinForcesToCreate… TheGreatestWeedMovieOfAllTime… TheseTwoSimilarPlotMovies… AreOftenLumpedIntoThe… “Stoner”.. CategoryOfFilms… Howerver… TheyWillExceedAllExpectations…. WhenThisCombination… ThatIDennisHaveCreated… ReachesTheMasses… Enjoy! Harold and Kumar go to Pineapple Express.

    This is a 4 star mashup assignment for Ds106 titled Movie Mashup. I created the movie poster by getting the two movie posters into Gimp …

  11. adyke

    Week 11 Summary


    This week was a continuation of videos. I did a lot of assignments this week; 3 videos involving Dennis and 2 not involving Dennis. I made a video about my High School life and I also edited a movie clips sound to be chipmunk style. Dennis was involved in …

  12. adyke

    Dennis’ Story


    This week I got a short interview with Dennis where we could quickly talk about his life motto. Dennis was nice enough to record himself however, he was quite vague. It must just be his thing. Here is the interview video enjoy!

    This is a 4.5 star video assignment done …

  13. adyke

    Dennis’ Crash


    Dennis’ adventurous life leads to sometime mistakes being made. On Thursday Dennis was biking in France and came across a mountain bike trail that was not what he thought it was going to be. He raced through the trail only to be tricked and to crash. He was followed in …

  14. adyke

    Dennis’ Night of Debauchery


    InTheLandOfDrunks, IAmRarelyFound. However, WhenIAmFound, IAmDeeperThanMost. MyNightOfDebaucheryCreatedPictures, ThesePhotographsShallLive, WhileTheMemoryIsGone. IHopeYouEnjoyMyNightOfDebauchery, ISureDid…

    This is a 4.5 star assignment for Ds106 titled HangoverAssignment. It required many poses for photos and of course some imovie editing magic. I picked a song from a free to public mixtape from the artist Chris Webby …

  15. adyke

    Squeek Rod


    In a world filled with adventure and stunts one man and his crew rise above the rest, Hot Rod. However during his training something terrible happened to Rod’s voice, he became unable to say whiskey correctly! This coupled with the chipmunk squeaky style voice creates for some wonderful comedy. Enjoy!…

  16. adyke

    High School Memories


    My time in High School was the some of the best years of my life and I owe that all to being in band. I was a percussionist in my high schools band and I played anything from cymbals to bass drums and everything in between. This video is the …

  17. adyke

    Math Troubles


    The difficulty with math is that math is math. There is nothing more frustrating than having to deal with doing math homework , except if that homework doesn’t actually work. I, Dennis was having trouble doing my math homework and I had to share the frustration with someone so here …

  18. adyke

    AaronLine Bling


    When I saw the assignment where I could make a music video my mind immediately went to the Hottest music video right now Hotline Bling by Drake. In his music video he just dances with a shite background and different colors so I decided that I would just make …

  19. adyke

    Show Me the Wolf of Wall Street


    In the world of investing there is no better person to make your money with besides the Wolf of Wall Street. I, Dennis, play John and I have recognized this and decided to invest with the Wolf on his new breaking stock. This will help me to continue my life …

  20. adyke

    Week 9 Summary


    This week has been extremely busy for me outside of this class. I had two projects due this week and one test. With all the work I have had I forgot to do all three daily creates, I just got to do this one. I did have a chance …

  21. adyke

    Review of The Edward Creepy Show


    I listened to The Edward Creepy Show on Tuesday and they did a great show about scary movies. I liked how each character had a different personality however, the second character made me angry because they didn’t like any of the movies. The character switching was pretty good especially since …

  22. adyke

    The Zombie Board


    Do you like to talk to zombies? Do you have trouble not getting eaten when talking to them? Well wait no more because the Zombie Board is the Product for you! It’s what Sally Slaughterhouse used to avoid getting eaten when she learned to speak zombie and it can save …

  23. adyke

    The Sweetest Message from Dennis


    With all the death that the smooth and spooky variety hour team has went through I felt it was only right to make a video in their memory. They created so much enjoyment but met their demise. So here’s to you Grade A Gruesome and all of your great moments …

  24. adyke

    Week 8 Summary


    This week my radio show group met up and finished the radio show. Right before we met up for the last time I wrote an update that you can read here.  You can listen to our finished radio show on ds106 radio and you can also listen on soundcloud

  25. adyke

    Radio Show Progress Part 2


    This week my group met on Tuesday to put together the pieces that we recorded individually and to work on the pieces that we need to use everyone for. We got time in the vocal booth in the Convergence Center and used that to make some quality recoding and editing …

  26. adyke

    Week 7 Summary


    This week was the the beginning of the Radio show work. My group met in the ITCC and came up with a theme and a general plan for our show, you can read about that here. Our radio show is titled the Smooth and Spooky Variety hour and I …

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