1. Alasia Laureano

    My Week 5 Daily Creates Photography


    Photo #1 is a album cover that me and my partner had to create based on random searches on wikipedia, and random searches on quotes that we found based on those last 4 or 5 letter on that exact quote. So em and my partner ended up with the Group …

  2. Alasia Laureano

    Week 3: My Creative Digital Story Creation


    Please click on the link where it says “My Digital Story Creation” below here. This will direct you straight to my slideshow on my flickr account, to understand the theme and meaning of my slide-show please click the tab “SHOW INFO” ON THE TOP RIGHT-HAND CORNER OF THE SLIDE SHOW …

  3. Alasia Laureano

    Week 3: Web 2.0 Response


    Larry Lessig, Tim O’ Reilly, and the article Seven Things You Should Know About Creative Commons  all bring up very detailed and accurate meanings on exactly why is it that copy-righted content is being tackled by the law. In Larry’s video and speech on how creativity is being strangled by …

  4. Alasia Laureano

    Blog Experiment Part A Assignment #2


    Well…..after this long and stressful process of rearranging my blog and finding out all I need to process in my mind, I must say I enjoyed fooling around with CPanel and discovering new tools and alternatives I could use to make my website more creative and drag people into visiting …

  5. Alasia Laureano

    My domain and webhosting process


    Whew!! First off, I must say I had quite an adventure while doing this process. It was hard for me at first because I accidentally bought the wrong package deal for my web-hosting account. So, I had to call the company, speak with customer service, and they gave me a …

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