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  1. Alec Couros

    Romance Scams Continue And I Really Need Your Help

    If you follow me closely, you know that I’ve been discussing romance scams (also known as “catfishing”) for several years now. In short, a romance scam is where criminals will harvest photos from social media and dating site profiles and … Continue reading
  2. Alec Couros

    (Digital) Identity in a World that No Longer Forgets

    [This post was written jointly with Katia Hildebrandt and also appears on her blog.] In recent weeks, the topic of digital identity has been at the forefront of our minds. With election campaigns running in both Canada and the United States, … Continue reading
  3. Alec Couros

    How Romance Scammers Port Video Files Over Skype

    I’ve had many victims of ‪#‎romancescams‬ (where scammers used my photos) ask me how it was possible that they saw “me” over Skype. From these conversations, I’ve discovered that the scammers used a technique to port video over Skype to … Continue reading
  4. Alec Couros

    Developing a framework for teaching open courses

    This post was written jointly with Katia Hildebrandt and also appears on her blog. Recently, we presented at OER15 in Cardiff, Wales, on the topic of developing a framework for open courses. In our session, we considered our experiences in … Continue reading
  5. Alec Couros

    Building Online/Blended Course Environments

    I was recently invited to speak with the  #eLearnOnt “Game Changer” series where I discussed various options around building online and/or blended course environments via Google Hangout. I began with traditional LMS options and moved to the more nebulous concept … Continue reading
  6. Alec Couros

    Developing Upstanders in a Digital World

    This past Wednesday, I was fortunate enough to co-facilitate a Day of Pink event for local school division. We invited approximately 100+ elementary students (mostly 7th graders) to participate. The themes included (digital) citizenship, (digital) identity, anti-bullying, and becoming an … Continue reading
  7. Alec Couros

    Developing Teacher Candidates in a Networked World

    This post, co-authored with Katia Hildebrandt, originally appeared on the Canadian Education Association Blog. Recently, pre-service teachers in two of our classes at the Faculty of Education,University Regina, participated in #saskedchat, a weekly Twitter chat hosted by and for Saskatchewan … Continue reading
  8. Alec Couros

    Dot.con – Documentary on Internet Scams

    Tonight, the CBC aired a documentary on Internet scams including the romance scams that I’ve been discussing on my blog as of late. The video is worth sharing and discussing. As well, I believe that this documentary is relevant to the #ccourses … Continue reading
  9. Alec Couros

    Facebook’s Identity Authentication Is Broken

    You may have read my previous posts about scammers using my personal photos to construct fake identities for the purpose of entering into online romantic relationships with women and defrauding them out of money or goods. If not, here’s the … Continue reading
  10. Alec Couros

    Getting Around International Content Restrictions

    I was asked by Rachael Bath about how I get around international content restrictions (i.e., location-based content blocking). There are two tools that I typically use. First, I pay about $70/year for a full-featured VPN service called Witopia that allows … Continue reading
  11. Alec Couros

    Alfie Kohn Speaks Against Standardized Testing

    My colleague Dr. Marc Spooner recently recorded a video call with renowned American author and lecturer, Alfie Kohn. In this video, Kohn speaks specifically against Saskatchewan’s proposed move to standardized testing. However, even if you are not from Saskatchewan, the … Continue reading
  12. Alec Couros

    EC&I 831 Is Back! Call for Non-Credit Participants & Network Mentors

    My popular open-boundary course, EC&I 831 (Social Media & Open Education), is back for the Fall of 2013 and we’d love you to participate as a non-credit student, or possibly, a network mentor. If you’re interested, please use this form … Continue reading
  13. Alec Couros

    Making of the #etmooc Lipdub

    I’ve been busy with #etmooc, a MOOC focused on educational technology & media. We’re nearing the (official) end of our first topic, Connected Learning, and late last night, we published a crowdsourced, #etmooc lipdub project. I feel that the video accurately … Continue reading

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