1. amandamotley

    Daily Create: Week 2


    This week’s Daily Creates were all really fun. If I am being completely honest here I thought they would have been really tedious. However, I found them really fun and a great way to express the digital and storytelling aspects of this class. Each daily create was posted to twitter …

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    Reflection: Ds106zone LooDown 001


    Whats the ‘LoDown’ of DS106?

    I really enjoyed Scott Lockman’s podcast. I found it to be very informative about the direction of the ds106 course. He has a great energy about it. I can tell that he is passionate about the work he is doing for this course. One tip …

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    Part of this weeks lesson was to make a Gif. At first this was extremely intimidating. I have never made a GIF. Since the assignment was to make a GIF from your favorite movie, I chose a clip from Harry Potter and the Socercer’s stone. I chose this because it …

  4. amandamotley

    Summary: Week 1


    This past week has been quite a challenge. Social media is something that in our generation has become second nature. However, I consider myself pretty old school. I often have to navigate for hours how to work something before I really get it. This class is broadening my horizons to …

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    My name is Amanda Motley and I am a senior at UMW. I am persuing a career in journalism and public relations. This class is going to be very helpful since journalism is revolutionizing itself to be more directed around online media.

    This is a tweet shout out to UMW …

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