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    Once in a Lifetime…

    Genres of YouTube

    For the examples of YouTube Genres listed by the previous DS106 students, I feel that the ones listed compiled together create the YouTube sensation. After searching through the examples listed, I feel as if I could have added many of videos to each genre. To me, that …

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    I Am Legend


    Analyze the Camera Work

    The man was made to be the main character as each angle (if not every single one within the clip) had him in it or was of his perspective. He was put in the foreground in some as he was seen looking towards the dummy. The …

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    Show Me Their Emotions – Creating My Own Assignment


    Show Me Their Emotions!
    A Visual Assignment Created for Ds106…

                    From the different emojis shown, take a picture of different people replicating at least 4 emojis. After taking the pictures, place them in a collage, photo line, or what have you (make it creative!) and make your own caption about …

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    Halloween Haunt…Come at your own risk

    My Radio Commercial

    Kings Dominion’s Halloween Haunt was the highlight for my commercial. Of course, it is connected with the theme of Mary Hauntington Radio because its…Halloween time! Time for scary, spooky, stories and places! I absolutely love Kings Dominion at this time of year and I think that is …

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    Collection of two weeks worth of Daily Creates


    Daily Create 1002: Your weird and wonderful DS106 letterhead

    I decided to google storytelling pictures and ended up picking the film strip. I then opened up MS Word and clicked on “Insert Header” and added the picture and clicked ok. After adding the picture to the top of the page, …

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    Our Radio Show, My Contributions


    For Mary Hauntington Radio, I have taken the role of gathering information of Haunted houses or places in Virginia. I have chosen 2, relatively close to the University of Mary Washington, because I wanted them to be easily accessible if anyone on campus was listening and decides to go check …

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    StoryTelling Letterhead


    Today’s daily create was to create a Ds106 Letterhead. I decided to google storytelling pictures and ended up picking the film strip. I then opened up MS Word and clicked on “Insert Header” and added the picture and clicked ok. After adding the picture to the top of the page, …

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    Week 6 in One Summary


    Daily Creates 

    Pirates have landed

    I created a story that the Pirates took all the criminals in the world…wishful thinking right? Well I am more of a visual person, so I decided to add a picture with the writing to  give it form and have the picture symbolize the pirates …

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    Color creates mood, draws attention to key elements. Good designs can use bold color or none at all (lack of color or monochrome makes a message too). What colors work well together? What methods of using color are more effective? What do saturate colors say as compared to pastels?…

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    What the Font?

    What the Font?

    Looking through all the design assignments, and came across this one and immediately clicked on it. This assignment has a ton of meaning to me because my dad has Multiple Sclerosis and has been in a battle with this since 2009. My first tattoo was one of …

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    Tying the Knot


    You’re Invited

    I am more on the short, sweet and to the point type of person, so I decided to create a save the date invitation! I am a southern girl so I decided to play along with the southern theme. I’ve always loved everything about weddings and the decorations  …

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    Six Words is All I Need


    Six-Word Memoir No matter what the six words are, six words can explain a lot. Throughout my life, I have been through hell and back; was never one to talk about any of it, but hey who needs pity? When I found something I loved to do, play softball, I …

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    A Pirate’s Touch


    This daily create was really done out of the random, and since it was just a story I decided to find a picture on google of a pirate ship, and open it in Paint, and add my story to the picture to give it a little more character.

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    Each Daily Create….In One Blog Post (Week 5)


    My favorite song in a picture:


    My favorite song is Kick It in the Sticks by Brantley Gilbert. The picture above represents what my weekend usually consists of: bonfires, friends, family and fun. Hearing this song makes me think it is the theme song to my life. Even if you …

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