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  1. Ashley Buske

    We Came. We Saw. We Conquered.

    For one last bit of fun in groups tonight, we had to complete a task of our choice. Our group (myself, Molly, and Stacy) decided to tackle to movie poster idea. Here’s our final products. Click on the pictures to enlarge them. The first poster was created by me. I wanted to convey the frustration ...
  2. Ashley Buske

    There’s Nothing Left to Say But Goodbye.

    Well kids, the time has come for me to say goodbye to DS106. I’m really going to miss this class- it was definitely one of the funnest class I’ve ever taken. A final recap of the semester: Awesome Work: Everyone has put out some awesome work over the semester, here are some of my favorites. ...
  3. Ashley Buske

    Final Project: Chapter Six

    Charlotte woke up in a sweat- she hadn’t dreamed the entire time they were in Cyprus, but last night the nightmare came back. Something was different this time though, after opening five or six doors- one of them actually led somewhere. She was lead into a room with warm light and pictures of Cooper all ...
  4. Ashley Buske

    Final Project: Chapter Five

    Charlotte was surprised at how much she was really loving her time in Cyprus with the girls. She and Julia got along great together and were already becoming best friends in just a few days. Charlotte loved having someone she could talk to- it felt like she’d known Julia her entire life. As the cashier ...
  5. Ashley Buske

    Final Project: Chapter Four

    A long, six-hour flight wasn’t exactly what Charlotte had expected when she agreed to go on vacation for the weekend with Annette and her friends, but they were finally back on the ground in Cyprus. She still wasn’t completely comfortable with Annette’s friends Aira, Eliisa, and Julia but Charlotte hoped that over the course of ...
  6. Ashley Buske

    Final Project: Chapter Three

    Another day filled with cold and ice. It was so hard for Charlotte to have a cheery outlook on life when everything she saw was so bland and unanimated. Outside her window children were playing, laughing as they built a snowman and knocked him down together. It felt nice to hear some hint of happiness ...
  7. Ashley Buske

    Final Project: Chapter Two

    It all started the previous summer, back when things were normal. Charlotte used to be a normal 23 year old- fun, vivacious, and carefree. She wasn’t a stickler for the rules but she never really got into trouble either. Charlotte was your typical young woman. That summer she had finally decided to take a vacation ...
  8. Ashley Buske

    Final Project: Chapter One

    Here’s my first installment of my final project. The pictures used were for Daily Shoot assignments 448-454. All images were found on flickr with CC licensing. For image credits, mouse over the images for the poster’s Flickr name. Her alarm went off, startling her awake from the same dream once again. She’d been having it ...
  9. Ashley Buske

    And teeming with souls shall it ever be.

    For your viewing pleasure: my mashup. I used the audio from the Boondock Saints trailer and mashed it with scenes from Edward Scissorhands. Overall the process was relatively painless (for a change )! I was finally able to get the Fastest Free Youtube Downloader to work and was able to easily rip the scenes from ...
  10. Ashley Buske

    Smash ‘em, Mash ‘em and Let Him Have It.

    Working on my mashup assignment that’s due on Thursday. I’m working on doing a movie trailor mashup and I know I want to work with Boondock Saints in some form- either the video or the audio. I’m thinking about doing a mashup with a cartoon video and Boondock Saints audio. I’ve been busy with tests ...
  11. Ashley Buske

    To the Future of DS106: Rock On.

    If you’re considering taking DS106 in the future, here’s some words of advice: First of all- I completely recommend the course. It’s a huge creative outlet and is a nice refreshing change from the standard courses offered at UMW. That’s not to say the course is easy at all, in fact it’s a huge challenge. ...
  12. Ashley Buske

    Final Project: A New Angle

    I still really like my idea for the final project- but between working and classes it’s really hard to get the pictures done for the Daily Shoot assignments. I’ve decided to change from me taking the pictures to using the first picture posted on the Daily Shoot website for each assignment. At first I felt ...
  13. Ashley Buske

    Now when I get the sun, I smile.

    Our big assignment this week for DS106 was to take one of our favorite movies and create a video essay for it. One of the hardest parts of this, for me at least, was to decide on which movie I wanted to provide commentary on. I finally decided to talk about Requiem for a Dream ...
  14. Ashley Buske

    Oh How I LOVE Technology! (Please Note the Sarcasm Here)

    I’m trying to do my videoessay in a nonslacker/procrastinator way, but technology just isn’t working for me. I decided to use Requiem for a Dream for my movie and figured it’d be easy enough to get the scenes I want of the poor mother, Sara Goldfarb, off YouTube. Unfortunately all the “easy” downloaders aren’t working ...
  15. Ashley Buske

    Holy Remixes Batman!

    Two readings were presented to us this week: Praxis 2.0: Escaping the edu-travelogue and Dr. Mashup; or, Why Educators Should Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Remix. Melanie McBride’s post addresses the limitations of education in a confined and controlled environment with rules and regulations. It brings up the question of just how creative ...
  16. Ashley Buske

    Final Project: The Time Has Come.

    So I’ve been pretty bad about starting on my final project. I have the idea, I have it all worked out for the most part- I’m just a horrible procrastinator. Now that the weather’s finally nice I should be able to get out more and take the pictures for DailyShoot without freezing (today doesn’t count.) ...
  17. Ashley Buske

    Pshhh. Radio show- schmadio show.

    I was going through recents posts for DS106 and realized that I never posted my radio show review! Damn me and my forgetful mind. Better late than never, right?… Right? Oh well. The Process: Overall- I really enjoyed this assignment. In the beginning I wanted to burn it at the stake because timing with my ...
  18. Ashley Buske

    Hacking into the Web.

    An assignment this week was to edit a webpage in order to tell a different story. I decided to hack Perez Hilton’s website and create a fake theme park at Universal called “Winning- The Charlie Sheen Experience.” I finally was able to get my page uploaded to cPanel. I can’t get the ads I have ...
  19. Ashley Buske

    Syndicate Radio Baby!

    Although it was a pain in the ass- we managed to pull together some high quality zombie radio! There will be a blog post about the process to come, but for now here’s the final product for your listening pleasure. We’ll be airing at 3:30 Sa...
  20. Ashley Buske

    Five Minutes of Gold.

    Here’s the five (ok, almost five) minutes of radio show we’ve produced for tonight’s class. theSyndicateFiveMinutes Kinda rough, but for being done in less than two hours I think it’s pretty good.
  21. Ashley Buske

    Personal Bitch Fest.

    EXTREME BITCHING AHEAD. PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Patrick’s post about how bad this assignment and weeks sucks inspired me to write my own post about the major suckfest that is the week before Spring Break. First- all the things that suck about this week not pertaining to DS106 exactly. I understand that ...
  22. Ashley Buske

    A Day in the Woods.

    Tonight’s in class assignment was to make a story using only sound effects that was no longer than 90 seconds. Here’s The Syndicate’s work: Sound Story. So what do you think went down?
  23. Ashley Buske

    The Big Hip Hop.

    I absolutely loved this assignment. I may have to do more. I was looking through the photos on the first page of the site and this one really stood out to me. First of all- because they’re absolute psycho. Secondly- because that old man is definitely a beast. The next step was to look through ...
  24. Ashley Buske

    Modern Day Story Time.

    This week we were asked to watch a series of series of videos with Ira Glass, the host of This American Life, speaking about the makings of a great story. I honestly found the videos great to watch simply because the way Ira speaks draws you in no matter what he’s talking about. Throughout all ...
  25. Ashley Buske

    Daily Shoot 453.

    Here’s my shot for today’s Daily Shoot assignment. “Sometimes what’s out of focus can make the shot. Create a photograph today where some/all of your subject isn’t in focus.” I had to take a melting point of my product from yesterday’s Organic Chemistry lab so while I was waiting for the device to heat up- ...
  26. Ashley Buske

    Final Project: Starting to Focus.

    Last night I was thinking more about my final project idea. I think the best way to go about it would be to complete the assignments from Daily Shoot then do one post per week with the story. I would take the photos from Sunday-Saturday and orchestrate another chapter in an ongoing narrative, much like ...
  27. Ashley Buske

    The Syndicate Takes Mary Washington by Storm.

    Tonight in class were were challenged to accomplish two assignments in a span of two hours as a team- Michael, Eunice, Molly, Marcey, and I. First task was coming up with a team name- The Syndicate. We choose this because all of us are different majors and we thought it fit (kudos to Michael for ...
  28. Ashley Buske

    Daily Shoot 452.

    Here’s my shot for today’s Daily Shoot assignment. “Change your point of view. Make a photograph from an unusual point of view today.” My camera is waterproof so I’ve been trying to work some shots from inside my roommate’s aquarium for the assignments, but nothing has really fit. I thought it’d be cool to see ...
  29. Ashley Buske

    Daily Shoot 451.

    Here’s my shot for today’s Daily Shoot assignment. “Make a photograph that features a leading line through it today. Draw the viewers eye through the image.” I’ve been trying to get my Quaker parrot, Holly, in some shots for the Daily Shoot prompts and this one seemed to work perfectly. She loves sitting on top ...

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