1. bbrady1992

    The Shape of Lilo and Stitch


    I chose to show the shape of Lilo and Stitch. I used LibreOffice Draw to make the story curve and then dropped pictures from the movie onto their corresponding spot on the curve.

    The curve starts off below the fortune line. Lilo is a lonely girl with no friends who …

  2. bbrady1992

    A Beautiful Rind


    My daily create on September 11th. This is my third daily create of the week. I had to change one letter of a movie title and then draw a scene from that movie. I chose A Beautiful Mind and changed it to A Beautiful Rind, featuring John Nash as an …

  3. bbrady1992

    Welcome To Our New House, Show Us a Neat Place


    My daily create on September 4th, 2015. This is my fourth and final daily create of week 2. I had to share a photo of an exciting place. I chose a photo that I took two years ago at Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park.

    The tweet:

    For the daily …

  4. bbrady1992

    Week 1 Summary


    This was the first week of Digital Storytelling 106. I picked up the class on Thursday, so I got a bit of a late start on things. Fortunately, there was not too much to be done this week.

    I started by setting up my domain. I used A Domain of …

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