1. Briana Bohrer

    Final Project Explained


    As a history major, I knew that I wanted to do something historically related for my final project. I ran though several ideas, and I happened to be watching a documentary on the Kennedy family, which ultimately brought me to my decision. I knew that these what-if  history questions we …

  2. Briana Bohrer

    ds106 Reflections


    I originally signed up for this class as a Gen-Ed requirement. I cannot draw or paint, as I am not very artistically inclined, but I had experience in computer programs like Photoshop and WindowsMediaMaker, so I figured that this would be my best bet. I found that during the first …

  3. Briana Bohrer



    In order to fulfill the participation requirement I have done several things:

    1. Inspire Submissions

    http://inspire.ds106.us/minimalist-tv-poster/ http://inspire.ds106.us/hugo-meets-inception/ http://inspire.ds106.us/its-no-way-to-be/

    2. Commenting

    I think I have done a fair amount of commenting. I have the links to everyones blog on Google Reader, which is also a widget on my iGoogle homepage, so …

  4. Briana Bohrer

    Familiar Sounds and Famous On YouTube


    I created two new assignments today, making this three submitted assignments.

    The first one is an audio assignment, called Familiar Sounds. I was in my my room thinking of an assignment and because it’s so hot, I have the window open in my room, so I noticed all of the …

  5. Briana Bohrer

    Week Eleven Recap


    After a week or two of not doing any Daily Creates, I figured I would give them a try this week. Although, I found that I did not like any of them offered this week, but I did work on my final project. I think I’m doing pretty well so …

  6. Briana Bohrer

    Word [remixed]


    I did an assignment that was proposed in class, to take the word and use fonts to visualize it and put it in another language, which created this assignment. I decided to use a word from another language that we don’t have in English. I chose the word “Espirit …

  7. Briana Bohrer



    For the numbers assignment, I chose to use the number 3 because it is a number that I notice is commonly used. From American culture, the hamburger, fries, and a drink, to political movements, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” in The French Revolution, to series, like The Three Musketeers and Star Wars, …

  8. Briana Bohrer

    Week 10


    I wasn’t able to get to the Daily Creates this week, rather I worked on my final project. I finally picked a theme and got the site put together (I’m still working on links). The blog is kennedy64.paristokyo.me.


    I’m still working on the video assignments!…

  9. Briana Bohrer

    YouTube Discussion


    In class last night, we discussed YouTube and its popularity in this generation. We discussed how YouTube videos travel across the web and why it is so popular. I think YouTube is popular because it’s entertaining with little effort. All you need is the internet and a key term and …

  10. Briana Bohrer

    Video Essay


    I analyzed the move J.Edgar, directed by Clint Eastwood. There weren’t too many clips on YouTube of the movie, so I chose what I could find. I think I got some important scenes. I wanted to focus on Eastwood’s decision to focus on an aspect of Hoover’s life that most …

  11. Briana Bohrer

    Daily Create Recap Week Nine


    TDC73: Take a photo that emphasizes the color yellow yellow

    TDC76: Some trees express enormous soul. Find and photograph that tree.

    This tree was surrounded by the pink petals that fell off of it. It embodies soul.

    TDC77: Create a self-portrait, without your face, that emphasizes you


  12. Briana Bohrer

    A Day In The Life


    This was my first video assignment using iMove. I recorded some of my average weekday, which normally just includes waking up, going to class, doing homework, and then repeating the next day. It so happened that it was a nice day, so I was able to sit outside and get …

  13. Briana Bohrer

    Final Project Idea


    For my final project, I will explore one of history’s greatest What-If questions: What if John F. Kennedy (or Robert Kennedy) had not been assassinated?

    I will create a blog made by JFK’s campaign staff. I will trace his hypothetical 2nd campaign platform, and what he would plan to do …

  14. Briana Bohrer

    Final Project Ideas


    As you probably know from looking at my blog, I’m a history major. I also want to teach. For my final project I want incorporate something from history into it. I want it to be of use to me later in life, in my classroom.

    My favorite part of the …

  15. Briana Bohrer

    J. Edgar Review


    I chose a movie that should have displayed all the characteristics of a successful movie, but failed. Most of my favorite movies are either based on historical events, or on classic novels, which are  normally historical fiction, so some type of historical reference should be made in movies. J.Edgar came …

  16. Briana Bohrer

    Daily Create Recap Week Eight


    TDC67: Make an artistic photo that includes one of your own toes.

    I wanted this photo to use a leading line to the point of interest, so while doing some homework I grabbed a book and took this photo.

    TDC70: Windows, Gates, and doors represent the liminal state between two …

  17. Briana Bohrer

    Review of Micro Radio


    I am not all too interested in Science, so I did not necessarily understand the jokes on the show, but I appreciated the topic. I enjoyed the bumpers and the transition music definitely sounded “science-y.” The segments were all great  and they all went well with the humorous and science …

  18. Briana Bohrer

    Completed Radio Show


    We finally finished our radio show last night. We had some difficulties completing the 10 minute reel of extra features and outakes. We had first recorded it on SoundCLoud and upon attempting to upload the file the program logged me out and I was unable to retrieve the file. We …

  19. Briana Bohrer

    TDC Recap Week 7


    TDC52: It’s February 29. Take a photo of a leap.

    My little sister leaping?

    TDC53: Take a photo of your hand drawing a picture of your other hand.

    TDC60: Draw a circle and fill it in with the colors that reflects how you feel.

    I have had a lot of …

  20. Briana Bohrer

    Radio Show Stage 2


    I was unable to come to class on Monday, but my group did a great job coming up with a topic.

    Last night we met in Eagle Landing to start working on recording. We spent some time brainstorming and finally got started on recording. We decided to do it improv.  …

  21. Briana Bohrer



    This assignment was to search Freesound and Flickr for the same word and create a story or illustrate a quote.

    I chose a quote the first quote that came to mind, which happened to be  ”but the point is, my dear fellow, that there may be cases when the government …

  22. Briana Bohrer

    Character Bird Call



    This assignment was to create a “call” that would attract the attention of a certain character.

    My favorite  TV show is How I Met Your Mother. My favorite character is Barney Stinson, a witty womanizer. A call that would get his attention is the cry of  a vulnerable …

  23. Briana Bohrer

    Daily Create Recap


    TDC46: Take a video of something cooking

    TDC47: Take a photo that features your favorite color

    My favorite color changes all the time, but purple and teal happen to be my colors right now.

    TDC49: Take a photo depicting your favorite type of weather

    Fall and Spring are usually my …

  24. Briana Bohrer

    Sound Story



    My sound story is the story of a parent who hears their child crying upstairs. The parent goes upstairs and gives the baby a rattle to make them stop crying. I found all of my sounds on FreeSound. I used the sound of a baby crying, a sigh, …

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