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  1. Sarah Kountz

    My Wagon is stuck

    Today’s Daily Create assignment was #tdc1481 Put a Western Reflection in your Front Window I immediately liked the idea of Arches National Park out my window. However, it wasn’t looking good in photoshop. Instead I decided to take a picture of a Snow Covered Wagon from Flickr (Thanks so much!) and put in my view. […]
  2. Sarah Kountz

    getting back in the saddle for #ds106

    Hi again! After too long of a hiatus from blogging and making art, I am ready to commit again to #ds106. It helps that I am back in North America after 3 years of living overseas in South Korea. ^^ First assignment for 2016 and getting back : Create a cattle brand. It is supposed […]
  3. Sarah Kountz

    Short Character Sketch-Revamped!

    The next assignment was to revamp the character sketch I did yesterday. I hate re-editing, as do most people. But here I go: She is sitting in front of the mirror,currently  filling in her eyebrows for a more dramatic look. She had told me “I only need 15 minutes to get ready” but that was […]
  4. Sarah Kountz

    Reading Characters

    From my Writing Fiction Class: Take a look at these character sketches from George Orwell’s Burmese Days and Zoë Heller’s Notes on a Scandal. Note down how you think the writers are managing to portray character. The first thing that one noticed in Flory was a hideous birthmark stretching in a ragged crescent down his left cheek, from […]
  5. Sarah Kountz

    Short Character Sketch

    Every morning before work she carefully constructs her appearance: filling in her eyebrows for a more dramatic look, adding eye shadow and extending her lashes with 3 coats of mascara, applying concealer and foundation, finally finishing up with lipstick which is a different shade depending on her outfit for the day which in itself takes […]
  6. Sarah Kountz

    Excellent: The motivation behind writing

    Writing Fiction course assignment:  Listen to audio of different writers discussing their motivation for writing and why they write, then answer the questions What were the similarities in their respective journeys towards writing? How much did fact mix with fiction in the way their own life experience and personal circumstance influenced them as writers? What […]
  7. Sarah Kountz

    Checking you out!

    My Writing Fiction Course recommends that if you aren’t already doing so, have a writing journal where you compile notes and observations about people and your surroundings. I have been doing this in a diary form for a long time. My friends could also tell you that I’m always taking a screen-shot of funny things […]
  8. Sarah Kountz

    Reflections on Truths and Lies in Fiction Writing

    The first class of Writing Fiction is writing about lies and truths (see previous post) We were then supposed to read other people’s paragraphs and answer these questions: Is there anything that distinguishes the fictitious elements? Are there common elements that you and your fellow writers write about as ‘facts’? Do any of these passages […]
  9. Sarah Kountz

    Koreausa, also dusty!

    Koreausa, my art project with Mega_mc has been seriously neglected! Time to start that up again My response to Megan’s Cloud challenge: My challenge to her: Rainbow Cake! Or find something Rainbow Picture taken by my friend Aitak, Modeling by me
  10. Sarah Kountz

    Blonde Moments: Buffalo

    We all have so called “dumb blonde” moments where you say something really ridiculous and/or dumb and people laugh (either in their head or out loud if they’re jerks.) And some of us have more of these moments then others. An example from the past: Talking with a teacher about where she is from. T: […]
  11. Sarah Kountz


    One of my middle schools just had a school festival and during that time a bunch of student art work was on display. There was a whole section of tree art done by 1st graders (7th grade USA) and this one picture particularly stood out for me with it’s vivid contrast of Pink and Green. […]
  12. Sarah Kountz

    Best thing I’ve ever bought in Korea

    Hands down, the best thing I’ve ever bought in Korea was this bike I got second hand from an English teacher who was leaving Korea. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve saved biking to and from work and also money from biking to and from downtown instead of taking the  bus or a […]
  13. Sarah Kountz

    This blog is dusty

    Wow. Apparently it’s been over a year since I’ve last blogged. Where did the time go? I think I must have been abducted my aliens…. I’ve been busy, sure, but one year without posting is a little ridiculous…. Sorry everyone! Really going to attempt to brush up on my blogging and art projects because it’s been […]
  14. Sarah Kountz

    Diversity Comics, Year 2

    This is Year 2 of teaching my students about Diversity in America. My lesson originated from some Middle School students’ comments “Teacher. Black skin, not good.” In Korea they are all about having porcelain skin. If a student has darker skin they often are teased “You African! You India! Black skin!” Every time I hear […]
  15. Sarah Kountz

    Dude, I’m like so blonde, riiiiight?

    A while ago I posted about  Sarah Kay’s Ted Talk on Spoken Poetry. It made me reflect on my own style of talking and how much it has been influenced by various factors probably one of the most important being I was born in California. I spent most of my young life in California before moving […]
  16. Sarah Kountz

    You can read and write Korean?? **GASP**

    Something I encountered back home  in America which I wasn’t expecting to encounter is the fact that people here, my family included, seemed so surprised that I  can read and write Korean.   Maybe it is the fact that they have little knowledge of the Korean language. When I first moved to Korea knowing no […]
  17. Sarah Kountz

    I lied

    Over the weekend I sent Megan Mc a contrite tweet about not posting for our KoreaUsa photo site. I promised to make it up to her by posting one over the weekend….but I didn’t. So Megan probably thinks I am like this:   When I am really more like this:   As Ron would say:
  18. Sarah Kountz

    Day 199: Going home

    In less than a day I am going home for the first time in almost a year. I am curious as to what kind of culture shock I will experience when I am there. I know that Korea has changed me in many ways, but I am curious how much that will affect my perception […]
  19. Sarah Kountz

    Day 198: EAT ALL THE FOOD

    I love Korean food. Love love love love love it. But I do miss American food sometimes. Here’s a list of the food I am craving to eat while I am on my sojourn in the states. **   In no particular order I want: **I am crossing off my list as I eat these […]
  20. Sarah Kountz

    I regret nothing

    Lately I’ve been thinking about the the fact that I have almost lived in Korea a year. That’s so crazy to me because it seems like it was a month ago I hopped on a plane and jetted off to this country that I had never before set foot in, nor spoke a word of […]

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