1. Feng

    Last post! bye bye, ds106 :(


    I am really sad. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was polishing my photoshop skills? Where did time go? I’ve mentally check-marked everything off on wrapping up ds106. I have written/typed three blog posts; this one, one for final project, and a reflection video blog post. I scheduled a meeting …

  2. Feng

    Final reflection video


    This is so weird. The audio was lagging just a minute ago before I uploaded the video and now it works! What luck. Anyway, I hope you can hear me well. I usually have a very soft voice and I tried to speak up but I didn’t want to scare …

  3. Feng

    Fourth video tutorial: Voice morphing


    In this last tutorial, I elaborated on how to change your voice in audacity so that it is no longer discernible. In my audio assignment, I managed to change the pitch of my voice so that I sound like a chipmunk! Enjoy Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.…

  4. Feng

    Voice Morphing!


    Completely alter your voice using audacity so that it is no longer discerable. You can use whatever method to achieve this effect – sing a song, tell a joke, recite a quote, etc etc. I took the infamous Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe song and changed the pitch into …

  5. Feng

    Week 14 of Final Project


    Sunday, April 29 Goal: study as much as I possibly can. Oh, and I went to my first bridal shower. Sorry, some of these pictures are really blurry because I was trying to capture all the facial expressions of the bride-to-be but didn’t exactly go my way . pretty scarf! …

  6. Feng

    TDC Week 14


    TDC112 video: Record a video of you drawing DS106 in bubble letters.  TDC111 audio: Record an audio epigraph which you would like to see carved on your headstone.  epigraph by feng_shui TDC110 image: Square is hip! Lose the rectangle. Share a photo with square (1:1) aspect ratio. Crop if needed. …

  7. Feng

    ds106 fave moments


    Make a two minute video featuring the best/fave moments in ds106. Oh man I’m going to miss doing these assignments.. I feel like I’ve learned a lot but can still sharpen up my video skills. So in this assignment, I’ve decided to go all out by adding as many special …

  8. Feng

    Digital Diary – Final Project Analysis


    I’m not sure when I figured out what I wanted to do for my final project, but the main inspiration behind it came with the idea of blogging daily creates. At the end of each week, we are to blog at least three daily creates, and so I integrated that …

  9. Feng

    Week 13 of final project


    Sunday, April 22 It is rainy and cloudy outside and I’ve got a set of other problems — homework, studying, and presentations all coming up too soon. I have already created two more assignments which I will later complete with my own take on the assignments. A friend gave me …

  10. Feng

    TDC Week 13


    TDC103 image: Take a picture of a word or sign that represents the kind of day you’re having. TDC101 image: Take a photo in which a mirror is a major element. TDC100 image: It’s the 100th Daily Create – Create a photo representing this number.…

  11. Feng

    TDC WEEK 12


    TDC97 image: Take a photo of a bumper sticker; what is the relation to the vehicle it’s on?  South of the Border. The owner of the vehicle might reside in the southern states? TDC95 image: Take a photo from behind someone’s head looking at something. TDC93 image: Make a hat …

  12. Feng

    Week 12 of final project


    Sunday, April 15 It’s so HOT outside! My parents came today and brought me homemade food along with summer clothes and a passport for financial aid purposes. In return, I packed a suitcase of winter clothes and other materials that I no longer need for the rest of the semester. …

  13. Feng



    I am late on this blog post which should’ve been posted last week but it’s never too late to start blogging! Having finished watching all four videos of Everything Is A Remix, I am pretty neutral on the central idea of taking an existing material to produce something new. I …

  14. Feng

    Minimalist Travel Posters based on Movies [Remixed]: Pollack Style


    Remix value: 6 stars! Original Assignment: Minimlist Travel Posters Based in Movies created by Jim Groom Create a minimalistic travel poster for a location in film, TV series, etc. Look at these awesome examples using the various locations in the original Star Wars trilogy: http://screenrant.com/sr-pick-minimalist-star-wars-travel-posters-robf-44551/ Remix card: Pollack Style  Take …

  15. Feng

    Cropped Signs remixed w/ Turn Up The Cheese


    Remixed value: 5 stars Success for completing another remix assignment!! I’m getting the hang of this and I’m loving the results. Original Assignment Cropped Signs created by cogdog We think of creation as addition, but there is a form of creation by deletion (e.g. Newspaper Blackout poetry http://newspaperblackout.com/) In this …

  16. Feng

    Fat Cat make Art Better Remixed with Yo Mamma


    Remixed value: 4 stars This assignment was SO much fun and amusing. I didn’t get a chance do one of these fat cat assignments before my stars filled up so I took this opportunity to do it. Original Assignment: Fat Cats make Art Better created by Annie Belle Using this …

  17. Feng

    week 11 of final project


    Sunday, April 8  Happy Easter!! My family doesn’t really celebrate this traditional holiday but I do because it holds religious significance for me. Anyway, I woke up spent the day chilling and doing homework at James’ apartment. (once again…)  Saturday, April 7 Woke up at 11:30am! Spent the day at …

  18. Feng

    Movie Scenes that Changed our Lives


    Last 5 stars! 30/30 Synopsis: For this assignment, select scenes from 3-5 movies. These scenes should represent scenes that changed your life or made some sort of dramatic, traumatic, lasting, or emotional impact on you. When you have selected those scenes, create a video that shows the scenes and includes …

  19. Feng

    week 11 of daily creates


    TDC90 image: Create an interesting photo that includes looking through one object to see another.  TDC88 image: Take a photo that includes repeating geometric figures.  ribbon TDC86 image: Draw love.  love is everywhere…

  20. Feng

    1 Second Video


    Synopsis: How much of a story can you tell in a 1 second video? Inspired by this:http://vimeo.com/32071937 I am really intrigued by these 1 second, 5 second, 30 second video assignments. They’re quick and fun. I couldn’t really think of an inspiring late night 1 second story but I think …

  21. Feng

    5 Second Film — Halo


    Synopsis: Make a supershort, 5-second film; basically enough time for one gag, bit, or joke. See examples (ALERT: Not G-rated, generally) athttp://5secondfilms.com/. Or alternatively, try your hand at creating a 5 second version of a major movie. Whooot 5 second film. Featured in this video is James playing an xbox …

  22. Feng

    FMA music video


    Synopsis: Take a favorite cartoon or anime like show, take some clips, mash them together and add music to it. Try to pick out a specific theme in your clips that follow the theme of the music. Keep an eye out for changes in the music and plan your clips …

  23. Feng

    The Little Mermaid meets GLee trailer mashup


    Synopsis: Take your favorite movie trailer and mash it up with a different trailer to completely change the meaning of the original trailer. For example, if you have a funny movie trailer, give it the sound of a terrifying movie; or vice versa. You may need to clip the audio …

  24. Feng

    One Archetype, 5 Movies, 5 Seconds


    Synopsis: Create a five second video of one archetype from five different movies cutting together one second of each. Examples could include: Prisoners, Thieves, Beauty Queens, Kings, Robin Hoods, James Bonds, Bank Robbers, Assassins, Bad Boys, Kung Fu Masters, Femme Fatales, Sports Heroes, High School Bullies, Rogue Police Officers, Brainiacs, …

  25. Feng

    Video Assignments –?


    I know I have been slacking on the video assignments, given that the date has been extended to finish 30 stars for weeks 9, 10, and 11. Here are my list of video choices that I will work on for the rest of the week and I’ll make sure to …

  26. Feng

    week 10 of final project


    Sunday, April 1 April Fool’s! ’nuff said.  Saturday, March 31 Volleyball Tournament is here and I woke up late – around 8ish (because I was supposed to wake up at 7am to help set-up) Ouch. By the time 10 – 11 rolled around, we had everything set up and teams …

  27. Feng

    Week 10 of daily creates


    TDC83 image: Sketch a place you’d rather be right now. Bonus points for colour! playing outdoors with friends. TDC80 image: Glamorize your ride with a photograph worthy of its service to you.  TDC79 image: Geoglogy is everywhere, parks, building materials, etc. Photograph a local geological feature. …

  28. Feng

    Video Essay — Titanic


    Synopsis: For this assignment you need to select several scenes from your favorite film (or one of your favorites), and edit them together and comment on some of the filmic elements of the scenes? Why do you like these scenes? What strikes you about them? What makes them good cinema? …

  29. Feng

    Week 9 on Final Project


    Sunday, March 26.

    Nothing like an entire day to spend working on this week’s upcoming tests/assignments. At least, that’s what Sundays are for, right? #overwhelmed. 

    Saturday, March 25.

    Cherry blossoms festival day!! Last night we planned on waking up early in morning to take the metro. So we set our …

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