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  1. claraduparc

    Warp & The St Swithun’s Project – 40 micro-installations over 40 days

    Warp & The St Swithun's Project - 40 micro-installations over 40 days:

    Back at the beginning of the year, I started developing the idea with Roger of perhaps putting together a project which combined his gift for soundtracking and his love of church architecture. Roger and I have visited,  spoken about and photographed many churches together throughout the years in which we have been friends. He mentioned, before a meeting with Pasco of Norwich Art Centre, that he particularly enjoyed playing there ‘perhaps because it used to be a church’. On further examination, I found that it was St Swithin’s, named after the Saint, often spelled ‘Swithun’, on whose feast day the weather would be determined for the next 40 days. 

    The church had been built in a poor area, and had always struggled for a congregation since it was surrounded by other sizeable churches, just a stone’s throw away. It had been through many guises, a store-room and school, a warehouse and a venue for Magic-Lantern shows, which were often accompanied. 

    The idea for Swithun was born of all of these elements, with special attention to the Magic Lantern shows. From so many points came a very simple little installation. Each day you can see an image, then hear a soundtrack. The image may be simple, morbid or quite dull, but with the addition of music, the whole picture changes in an instant. It is this re-translation of what we see that the Swithun Project celebrates - the way we engage with what we see.

    The day of St Swithun’s Feast determined which of the two packages of installations would be seen. 40 images and soundtracks were assembled for either a fair or wet day. On the day it was Matthew from Warp Records whose ticket was chosen and who went outside to check and then announce which package would play and which would be destroyed.

    Warp are now looking to release a really interesting album with Roger by the end of the year which relates heavily to the idea of lots of small elements working together as one. I will update you when I can, but again, everything about this little album slots together like a Japanese puzzle box…

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