1. dluce

    Daily Create #4 – Peace


    Very short description for this TDC – to make a selfie while you’re making a peace sign. Decided to make one in my own way.

    Think I’m doing it right?


  2. dluce

    The Post: ds106zone LowDown 001


    “…as I try to figure out what exactly I’m doing here.”

    “…a developing work in progress…”

    The beginning of the podcast certainly describes how I felt when trying to get everything up and running for this class. It took me around 8 hours (6AM to about 2PM on Monday, June …

  3. dluce

    Week 1 Visual Assignment #2 – My Favorite Lyric


    There were many fanart images on my hard drive to pick from to use as a background, and I eventually went with one that I picked up from Danbooru some months back, based on my favorite character in my favorite anime series to date: Akemi Homura from Puella Magi Madoka …

  4. dluce

    Week 1 Visual Assignment #1 – Larger Than Life


    Imagine you, three inches tall, standing in front of a massive keyboard and an even larger monitor off in the distance.

    I chose to make my favorite keyboard larger than life because it isn’t just what I use to type things as part of my user interface – it’s a …

  5. dluce

    Daily Create #3 – June 28 – Article Scramble Poem


    Ranged with feel which evident terrible called the changed, play.

    First character, start the focusing first, good for what of rhythms

    In more of character my own be

    Its comfortable far that idea mechanics works it for game.

    Cartoonishly, if exaggerated weaknesses, the attacker Spellslinger.

    To but distinct leads makes …

  6. dluce

    The Daily Create #2 – June 23rd


    The definition of Flexanimous – having power to change the disposition of the mind. Specifically, YOUR mind.

    I decided to take the daily create extremely literally since I can’t draw a brain and have it mean something besides it being a very anatomically inaccurate picture of a brain. There wouldn’t …

  7. dluce

    First Post for DS/CPSC 106


    Recursive AI instances.

    Also the video was pretty good and made me glad this is the only class I’m taking. This is my first attempt at taking her advice and having fun with my post – by throwing a reference out there that might make people check out a decent …

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