1. dradoye

    Following Jesus


    So, this evening was pretty eventful.

    As you know, I am the Large Group Coordinator for InterVarsity at UMW.  This evening one of my good friends, LeLe, and I gave a talk on the Gospel.  We didn’t just articulate the Gospel, we taught others how to have spiritual conversations.  We …

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    Getting into the PHP of it


    So, today I tried to look around and into the PHP written for the Transcoder. While looking into it I realized that getting a professor who is fluent in PHP help gice some directions would be really helpful. I am stopping by Dr. Zacharskis office on Monday after break to …

  3. dradoye

    First Post


    Today Jim Groom asked me to blog throughout the UMW Media Server project so that he could keep tabs on my progress throughout this semester.…

  4. dradoye

    The First Steps


    This is going to be a long walk.

    I have really started to begin learning more how to listen to God; not myself.

    For so long I have been focused on what I want to do, or what I think should be the next step.  I find that I am …

  5. dradoye

    Lincoln’s Selfie – A Tutorial


    To start the selfie off, you need to pick a political figure.


    Using google images, try and find a picture of the person where you can imagine their arm stretched outward.

    I grabbed this one of Abraham Lincoln.

    Next you want to open the photo with a photo editing …

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    UMW Doug Logo


    I created this logo in paint, and uploaded it to my website using appearance, customize, logo.

    You can link to the flickr post by clicking the image.…

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    Final Project – Dumbledore’s Last Days


    Here is how this blog post is going to work.  I am going to first post everthing and tell the story straight forward.  I am going to number my media creations.  Below the actual story, I am going to use the same numbering to explain how you can create a …

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    and so the comment war begins as we finish up this week of ds106. LOL!…

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    Twitter Trends Turned Lyrical Poetry – A Tutorial


    This may seem like an easy assignment however, rhyming and writing poetry can be difficult.  I am going to walk you through creating a poem, with a given topic, and even given words.


    So first off, how do you check what is trending on twitter and screen shot it?!…

  10. dradoye

    UMWdoug.com a poem


      I think that my website is pretty boring right now.  I have been busy with work and class.  I want to revamp my site, but just don’t have the time! I recorded this straight onto soundcloud.  I used a room in the basement to try and get a sterile environment.     …

  11. dradoye

    Bringing That Foley Assignment Back to Life


    This assignment took me a lot longer then I would have liked.  I enjoyed the sound editing, that weeek was fun, editing video together us is detailed for me.



    I used Windows Live Movie Maker.   I bet, however not knowing for sure, that Mac software makes video editing …

  12. dradoye

    Responses to Methods Suggested by Ebert


    These are not “laws.” To “violate” them can be as meaningful as to “follow” them. 

    I really liked the ideas behind Elbert’s article.  His opinions of scenes and camera placement are very compelling.  He has evidence and experience.

    However even he claims that he misses things.  I deduced that no …

  13. dradoye

    Weely Summary 3rd Times a Charm


    So this week I really enjoyed the challenge of learning to use audio to tell stories.  I mainly learned how to get people to visualize scenes with their own imaginations based upon my sound prompts.


    I found learning to use Audacity a bit tough at first, but as soon …

  14. dradoye

    Guitar Hammers



    So this is story is kind of short.  My father taught me how to play guitar.  I took separate lessons, but he really got me into it and taught me the cooler things.


    The actual notes are just varitions of the G-chord.  You sort of move your fingers …

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    Chaplin Foley Sounds


    So I recognize that this is late.


    I have a reason.


    I looked through the assignments earlier this week.  When I went to get on my website, it was down.  I already posted about this.


    Anyway, with my blog being down I was kind of worried about …

  16. dradoye

    Sound Editing


    So I don’t really like sound editing.  I can do it, and I like the emotions you can evoke, however I really like Audio and visual put together.


    Also, I wish I had a fancier software.  But I don’t want to pay, and Audacity does the job fair enough!…

  17. dradoye

    A Love Story – A Sound Effects Story


    This sound story is kind of personal.  It tells the story of a good friend of mine’s family.  I hope it evokes emotion and understanding.  I hope it is not too sad for people…


    Anyway, I think I would rather the actual sound “speak” for itself”.


    I used …

  18. dradoye

    Fake Starbucks News


    Well, here is the assignments.

    All I did was create a soundcloud, navigated around a bit, and found how to record audio directly to soundcloud.

    I based the story off  this story from a few years back.




    just pasting the link from sound cloud didn’t work.  so …

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    After a confusing couple of days I am back!  It seems I never verified or re verified my domain.  Hoping to catch up and finish up this week strong.  Happy Thursday!…

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    HELP ds106


    Hey ds106ers. How are you embedding your links in your weekly summaries using word press?  My post-editor won’t let me add them and canvas won’t let me name the link anything but “link”.



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