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    Manifesting An Encouraging Etheric Existance


    Hello everyone! I would like to welcome all new subscribers. It has been a long time since I actually sat and wrote something in about a year. I started this Blog as a requirement in my Digital Story Telling class at University of Mary Washington as most of you did …

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    A Determine D.J.

    Flyer made for David’s debut night

    There was once a guy who had a dream of becoming the greatest D.J. in New York City. His name was David Holloway was from down south and moved to New York toward the end of his senior year in high school. He did …

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    Sketch a Picture

    Sketched in paint

    This is an assignment I came up with for my design an assignment requirement. I am not an artist by no means, so I am thinking most people should be able to pull this off. It is just my interpretation (I know this face is a inside …

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    Collage with relationship symbolism

    Christmas in the Caribbean

    Design a collage with someone in a special place for you two. The collage should have some symbolism of your relationship. Alter the pictures in some way i.e. a border.…

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    I feel like I’m taking crazy pills

    She look like I feel too.

    Google Autocomplete is an oracle with strange powers to bring oddities into your life. This assignment asks you to seek out that randomness. Start with a strong phrase (things like “I hate . . .” or “I love . . . ” seem to …

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    Campus Bookstore has what you want and need


    The first thing I did was come up with the concept of a cheesy campus commercial for this audio assignment 1298, then I searched my data base for music to support my idea of a bookstore commercial.

    The second thing I did was try to get some inspiration from different  …

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    Desperado In A Thrift Shop

    On the corner of Winslow, Arizona Today’s daily create assignment was to create a story from this picture.

    It was a lazy Saturday afternoon at the corner thrift store in Winslow, Arizona. Pete had packed up from playing his guitar from this morning and was seen chatting with a …

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    Winning Weekend

    What a general Poker Run Stop may look like Todays daily activity is to tell a story from the end to the beginning.


    55 was amazed to hear such a story, because he himself have never heard of a straight flush as a poker hand winning a poker run. …

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    Four through the door

    Four are through the door, one more to go.

    The fourth week has quickly came and went. I thought I had a better rhythm this week and planned things out accordingly. I must had misread the weeks assignments and did not think we had daily creates this wee which when …

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    Eastern Caribbean Vacation focused on the Destinations


    This video consist of photographs and video from last Christmas Vacation2013  my family took. This to date is my favorite vacation cruising to the Eastern Caribbean from Baltimore, Maryland with four destinations which are all shown in the video.

    This video was made and edited in Windows Movie Maker a …

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    Decide and step

    Decision are in your steps.

    Decision making can be a tasking chore on anyone especially important decisions. Life sometimes offers us easy and hard decisions, but what is important to know is all decisions have a consequence. Stairs can be a reminder we are climbing tough hills sometimes when making …

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    Fooling around with Foley


    This is an exercise in my ds106 summer class that we are to edit our audio Foley assignment into the 30 second clip it was designed for. For this exercise you will need to download a video converter and use a video editing software. I used a free converter from …

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    Reading Movies Without Sight or Sound


    This exercise involved watching this scene first without sound, then again with sound but not watching the scene, and then finally watching with the sound.  I was to analyze the camera work, analyze the audio track without picture, and then analyze them both together.

    Watching The Shawshank Redemption (1994) prison …

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    I have No Date With Your Dinner Plate

    To the mountains. Poem of Stevenson— add some words to finish it July 18, 2014

    The friendly cow all red and white,

    Grand in stand, deserving of sight.

    Intentions are clear, but dreams are fright,

    Notices the baneful stares off in the night.


    She wanders lowing here and there,…

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    Enchanted Driveway


    Today’s assignment in my digital story class was to  sit in and draw nature admiring what is green. I chose to sit in my driveway and draw a couple of mature trees I really love.

    I used the paint program to draw the driveway , grass, and trees going out …

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    Believable Lie


    Today in my Digital Storytelling class daily create assignment we were to make a video of a believable lie. After the video was recorded we were to upload it to our YouTube account and publish it.

    So I made up a story about today being my birthday and while I …

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    Week Three Summary


    Daily Create 9: This was an assignment that involved uploading a picture to flickr.com that would sum up my life in one sentence. This took a lot of time to sum up, but I felt comfortable completing the task.


    Daily Create 10: I was going to pass this activity …

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    Moving Can’t Take It


    The “Beat” scene I directly associate with music anytime someone mentions Beatniks or be-bop jazz. I think of the jazz legends like Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Max Roach, and that famous hi-hat riff infamously portrayed in when anyone imitating a Beatnik. I associate the generation with the big band or …

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    I made the sound track for the first 30 seconds of Charlie Chaplin The Lion’s Cage clip, I used Audacity for the sound editing. To make it easier to record and keep track of the time I placed audacity and the movie clip side by side on my desktop (picture …

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    Being a music Prodcer Audio Assignment


    This was the two track audio assignment out of the assignment bank called Being A Music Producer. I recorded myself playing the Djembe (an African Drum) on track one. I recorded myself playing a higher tone and the same Djembe as on track one on track two. The first recording …

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    You are not alone

    Virginia Beach Police Department

    Hopefully someone would see this, and appreciate the time or season they are in, is now  temporary. There are times we think there is not anyone for us, yet there has to be a point in despair we know others are out there to assist.

    Back-story …

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    How do we react to shocking news?

    Just found out his missing son was found in his basement

    As humans we all react emotionally different in different situations. We are life actors in general. There are times at work we act a certain way, heck we act different when we are with different friends, and/or our children. …

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    Vintage Ice Sculpture

    Old looking photo with out using a set filter.

    Today the daily create was to turn a new photograph into a photo that look like it is from a long time ago. We had to do this with out just running the photograph through a cheesy filter.

    I was able …

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    Daily create: Healthy eating Pumpkin

    Variety in my veggies

    Today’s daily create hits close to home. We were asked to design vegetation consuming something. I created a pumpkin consuming a carrot and a piece of celery.

    Well this daily create hits close to home, because I have been consuming a serious increase in raw vegetables …

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    My Life in a picture and a single sentence.

    Sunshine after the rain

    Summing up ones life, whether it is in a few words or a sentence is rather difficult at times. What I did here was dig to the surface of what makes my life what it is, and what I know, is what I believe is the …

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