1. fhowell

    My Neck-n-Back Presents


    We have always had thoughts or funny situations that would make a great bumper sticker, but it may be that it is something you can find ready-made. Well next time the situation arises, with this tutorial you will at least be able to design one of your own (of course …

  2. fhowell

    Twitter is an Advance Day Party-Line

    The old Twitter

    ,,,and I try to explain what Twitter to a person 100 years ago.

    You know the party line you have traveling from yard to yard in your neighborhood that allows you to talk to your neighbors and others on the phone, but you have to wait for …

  3. fhowell

    Invisible Authority

    Become media literate

    Kelli Anderson (Kelli) speech in the TedxPhoenix Talk had similar tones of what I observed Dr. Wesch was saying from last week. The new media is offering wonderful tools to address social issues as we saw with Kelli’s artistic manipulation of the New York Times. This exercise …

  4. fhowell

    Bigfoot in Spotsylvania, Virginia?

    Bigfoot mold done in Spotsylvania, Virginia

    We all hear things that go bump in the night, or at least sounds we sometimes cannot explain or identify. Well that has been an ongoing issue in my yard for years. We hear this owl like sound usually at dusk, but mostly at …

  5. fhowell

    Half a Pair

    I am half way to the drawer.

    Today’s daily create in class was about creating a picture showcasing more than half way.  I just have no clue how a pair of footy socks make it downstairs and into the washer and dryer. The trip back up one sock and myself …

  6. fhowell

    Safer Streets


    The new law I would create would have every new license issued to a person under the age 21 requirements change. There would be new prerequisites to obtaining a license, and this will be a three part addition to regular driving school, written test, and over the road test. They …

  7. fhowell

    Post Secret


    This is truly a secret I have kept until recently, about flying my own private plane.  Now before I go on my post it note was created through paint brush. I downloaded a blank Post it and added text and the picture of a plane.

    Flying appears to me the …

  8. fhowell

    First Week Was My First Step


    One step at a time helped.

    Week one assignment summary I will have to admit was an uphill challenge for myself. I do feel like I accomplished a lot in a week with getting a domain name, getting a blog site, and having them the blog site to work. It …

  9. fhowell

    Knowledgeable verse Knowledge-able Reflection

    Dr. Wesch



    Hearing Dr. Wesch’s story on how he was not encouraged to read all the way through high school; then to hear how passionate and accomplished he is in his today’s work made me think about the importance of being driven by questions. I agree questions are …

  10. fhowell

    Birthday Card

    This is the front cover

    This was an app generated birthday card.  The app was called CGreetings and can be found through the app store on Windows8. the card actually had an inside also I had done, but I did not realize this was an email generated app. I still …

  11. fhowell

    Bugging Me


    This picture was done in paint shop on my laptop. I inserted picture from my picture file. From menu bar I selected a callout shape and placed it on right side of image.  Then I chose a text box and placed it inside of the callout. I was able to …

  12. fhowell

    Personal CyberInfrastucture


    Gardener Campbell talk resonated with me in terms of dreaming and reiterated the importance of dreaming. Proposing personal Cyber-infrastructure for students use appears to be in step, and in the same direction of what technology is also proposing.  The three recursive practices are done everyday (seemingly all day by some) …

  13. fhowell

    DS 106 Zone Low Down 001


    My journey to this podcast has been challenging to say the lease. I have looked everywhere searching high and low to find audio and videos were on the page initially sent. I can say I found it before it is due.

    I was impressed to hear the podcast and someone …

  14. fhowell

    Today’s heat is tommorow’s fantasy

    When you get hot and sweaty this summer.

    Today was not what we would consider a miserable day in terms of our VA summer time weather, but it was humid enough to break a sweat. I had some issues with my motorcycle today and had to work on it where …

  15. fhowell

    Daily Create


    Hello Everyone,

    It seems after a long day, not giving up, and instructions from the professor I am here. My name is Frederick a senior graduating in December. I am a returning student in the BLS program majoring in Leadership and Management. I am very new to social media just …

  16. fhowell

    Video Comment


    I was not sure which video to comment on so here is to both. I thought the little white animals were mice until the meow sound in the bushes. This must have have been a lot of time invested to make the video frame by frame.The second video was encouraging …

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