1. gcaron

    Weekly Summary Final Week


    As for my summary of the week, I think it went pretty well. I am satisfied with my work and my time management of the project. I think everything went smoothly (besides the audio part of course) and now it is time for my to create my daily creates, tutorials, …

  2. gcaron

    Advice for Future Students



    No but seriously. I literally did this every week and I told myself every week I wouldn’t do it the next week. It really made things so much harder. The work is not that bad if things …

  3. gcaron

    Dear Future Husband


    Dear Future Husband,

    Our future can be found in a mixture of the new Megan Trainer song “Dear Future Husband” and the song “Forever and Ever Amen” by Randy Travis. It should be the perfect mix of fast and happy and slow and romantic. But also it should be a …

  4. gcaron

    That’s Not What I Expected


    I created my own assignment for this category. I chose to do a visual assignment where you had to take a picture of something close up and have other classmates guess on the object in the picture is. For this picture, I took it of something that could be used …

  5. gcaron

    Final Project and Final Week


    This class I think has been pretty interesting and it was a lot of work but it was enjoyable work. I’m glad to see it come to an end but going to miss the cool things I got to learn at the same time. For my final project, I decided …

  6. gcaron

    Weekly Summary 13


    This week was just a lot of thinking and brainstorming. I think it was pretty easy. I tried to go back through the assignments I’ve done all semester and figure out what I could do. I wanted to try to avoid video and audio but I still don’t know if …

  7. gcaron

    Weekly Progress on Final Project


    So I didn’t know what to expect for the final project or how to do it but I read the week 13 weekly assignment and started to think and hopefully it will come out good in the long run. My fear with the final project is I’m not very good …

  8. gcaron

    Weekly Summary 12


    This was was pretty easy I felt like. I really enjoyed the remixes and mashups that we got to do. I think it allowed for a lot of room to be creative and try new things. I realized when I was commenting that the daily creates were supposed to be …

  9. gcaron

    Daily Create 2



    This daily create I did on Monday. I thought this daily create would be kind of cool to make but I wasn’t very good at it. The title of this daily create was to Remix your world. So I took a picture of a window and added a sunset …

  10. gcaron

    Daily Create 1



    For this daily create on Thursday, I chose these lyrics from this song because throughout most of my life I have always done things for myself and gotten things done for me and only me. I think these lyrics are important to me and could be a theme song …

  11. gcaron

    Color Change Remix


    This remix was slightly strange to me but I thought it could be interesting so I went for it. The remix for this assignment is to give a “yo mama joke” with the picture. I used my original assignment created for the color change assignment where I had to take …

  12. gcaron

    Bucket List Remix



    For this assignment, I chose to remix a previously done assignment and remix my bucket list picture. The remix was to make the picture a pinker. To me, pink makes me think of breast cancer awareness month and the focus behind the cause. So for my remix, I added …

  13. gcaron

    Mash Up 3



    For this assignment, two video game covers needed to be combined into one game. I chose to do Call of Duty and Destiny for the two games. I think this turned out pretty good! It was rather easy to make but I guess that is why it was only …

  14. gcaron

    Mash Up 2



    This assignment was worth four stars in the assignment bank. The assignment was to combine two movie scenes or covers. The change couldn’t be obviously. I chose tow pretty common movies and I think it turned out pretty well. Especially for my first time doing something like this!…

  15. gcaron

    Mash Up 1


    This assignment was worth three and a half stars in the assignment bank. I thought this one was pretty easy and it actually turned out to give me a good laugh. I chose to do the heart eye emoji. I took a picture and then edited it while in snapchat …

  16. gcaron

    Weekly Summary 11


    This week wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I actually enjoyed the few videos I made and I thought they were pretty easy. I actually got my daily creates done on time and got to do three this week. The three I ended up doing …

  17. gcaron

    Daily Creates


    For the daily creates this week, I decided to just put them all on one post to make it easier for the weekly summary. I just added to the top at the week went on. For the first one I did this week, I did a selfie with a filter …

  18. gcaron

    Instant Replay



    This assignment was worth three and a half points in the assignment bank. I thought this assignment would be fun because it is something different to do and something that could be pretty funny. This is a video I took the other day of my cousin that I put …

  19. gcaron

    What do you love?



    Everyday I work at a youth center. I took a video of the youth center for that what I love  because I love my job and all the children I get to work with everyday. It was helpful that I was at work when I needed to take the …

  20. gcaron

    Morse Code


    This assignment was worth five stars. I learned how to do Morse code out of it so I liked doing it. I linked this to my host character. I decided to do my character’s name. I looked up online how to do Morse code and wrote down the diagram to …

  21. gcaron

    Halloween Origami



    I chose to do this video assignment, it is worth four and half stars. It involved making an origami something Halloween. I chose to do a bat. I thought this activity was relatively easy but it was fun to research different ideas and test what I could actually come …

  22. gcaron

    Video Assignment 3



    I made a slide show of what life would be like as a dog. I think this the thought process of a dog and things I would want to do as a dog.…

  23. gcaron

    Weekly Summary 10


    This week was challenging in my opinion. I am not very good with the video stuff I think or the editing over things. I couldn’t figure out how to voice over my video essay so I just decided to type it and go for it. Not being able to figure …

  24. gcaron

    Video Assignment 1


    This assignment was titles “What do you Love?”. Do I decided to make a video of my new puppy, Parker. I adopted Parker a couple days ago and I have fallen in love with him since. I decided to record a video of him sleeping because that is literally all …

  25. gcaron

    Weekly Summary 9


    This week went by so quickly I thought. It was Monday and next thing I knew it was Friday. I thought this week’s work wasn’t too tough though. I enjoyed getting free range of the assignments and getting the ten stars was easy when I was actually able to enjoy …

  26. gcaron

    The Hole in the Wall


    For this Daily Create, I did my picture titled “The Hole in the Wall.” This picture is of a plain blank, white wall. But I gave it the title the hole in the wall to make people search for the hole even though there isn’t one.

  27. gcaron

    Having Dinner with an Old Friend…


    Tonight, I am having Eve Winters over for dinner. I am cooking chicken with pasta on the side. I am also deciding last minute to make up a salad. I wonder what would go good on a salad.. pickles… olives… orange slices… I am staring into my fridge randomly to …

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