1. jgieseking

    Updated OA Readings & New Page: Pedagogy


    Firmly behind the practices and policies of open access (OA), I have used the fantastic Sherpa Romeo which allows for searchable publisher copyright policies & self-archiving to determine which of the possible versions of my published work that I am able to post online. Finally, it is all pdf-ed and …

  2. jgieseking

    “You do not have to be good”


    Given the precarity of the job market, academic and otherwise, I find myself listening to friends and colleagues increasingly blaming themselves for the state of risk we experience daily. Their personal and seemingly individualized situations are more common than most humans will let on. These experiences are actually shared psychological …

  3. jgieseking

    Our Queer Lives and Spaces (OQLS) Project Launches Today!


    Today we are launching the Our Queer Lives and Spaces (OQLS) Project! 

    OQLS is a living archive that affords lgbtqtstsiq people a space to map and share their stories online through mobile devices, multimedia, & web and geospatial technologies. In other words, anyone can text, call, or type in her/his/zee’s …

  4. jgieseking

    For #QueerGeo Conference Attendees: My Chapter “Queering the Meaning of ‘Neighborhood’”


    My chapter “Queering the Meaning of ‘Neighborhood’: Reinterpreting the Lesbian-Queer Experience of Park Slope, Brooklyn, 1983–2008” regarding lesbian experience of fragmented and fleeting neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York City, is available for download today only at Parson’s Queer Urban Geographies (#queergeo) for conference-goers only. This chapter was recently …

  5. jgieseking

    After #TtW13, and on Bodies and Bits


    I had a riveting weekend helping to coordinate and preside over a session at Theorizing the Web 2013 (#TtW13). I massively enjoyed presiding over the “Bodies and Bits” panel. These papers tackled those questions close to my heart and always in my mind. How do we invoke the body in …

  6. jgieseking

    Livestreaming Now: Whiteness & Health Roundtable Today at CUNY Graduate Center


    An Exploration of Whiteness and Health A Roundtable Discussion

    Follow us here:: http://videostreaming.gc.cuny.edu/videos/video/400/?live=true

    The examination of whiteness in the scholarly literature is well established (Fine et al., 1997; Frankenberg, 1993; Hughey, 2010; Twine and Gallagher, 2008). Whiteness, like other racial categories, is socially constructed and actively maintained through the social …

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