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  1. jhempe

    Analyzing “This is Sparta!” Movie Scene

    The movie scene I chose to do my “3 time” review on was the famous “This is Sparta” scene from the movie 300. I chose this scene because I thought it would really have great examples of different sound and visual effects that we are looking for. Analyze the Camera Work: This scene has great aspects […]
  2. jhempe

    Radio Show Summary

    United Tales The radio show I was assigned to listen to was created by United Tales. The theme they used was called “Your Tales,” with their theme they they set up multiple interviews with different students about different topics. One of the topics that they interviewed  a student on was about Spring, and what they […]
  3. jhempe

    Weekly Summary 9

    This week was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Going into the assignments I was very intimidated by the X-Ray Goggles Software. However, once I learned how to use it on the websites everything else was fairly simple. The assignments were very fun and interesting and they really taught me […]
  4. jhempe

    Creating an Assignment

    I created a Daily Create, that has a theme surrounding Halloween. For my assignment students are suppose post an actual photo or picture that reminds them of their funniest, scariest, happiest, or best memory of Halloween. Here is my Daily Create: This picture is of my best friend Ben and I dressed as pirates. This […]
  5. jhempe

    Johnny’s Dream-Daily Create Story

    Johnny’s only dream was to take his hard-working, single mom to the mountains for vacation. Johnny had never seen snow and heard marvelous stories about how each snowflake was a one of a kind, perfect jewel. He thought how perfect for his mom, as he felt the same about her. So everyday after school, he […]
  6. jhempe

    My Interesting Character- 4 Stars

    In this assignment, we had to create a page for any character that we chose. For me it was tricky at first because I never have been on Pinterest before. However, after playing around with the website it was easy to understand how to create a page. The challenging part with this assignment was trying to […]
  7. jhempe

    Storytelling Within The Web-3 Stars

    In this assignment,  we had to use the X-Ray Goggles Software and change a website to tell a different story. The process to create to do this was a lot easier now that I understand how to use X-Ray Goggles. I was able to take an image from Google and place as the front pic […]
  8. jhempe

    X-Ray Goggles On My Blog- 5 stars

    In this assignment,  we had to use the X-Ray Goggles Software to make changes to our blog or “remix” our blog. I found the process at first very confusing and a little difficult for me at first. It took me awhile to play around with the demo to understand what the software does to websites. Once […]
  9. jhempe

    Weekly Summary 7 & 8

    These past two weeks have been stressful, but the assignments have been fun in some cases. There were some easy things that I was able to get done quick and there were some challenges as well. Overall it was a good two weeks and I enjoyed working on the audio assignments. Audio Assignments Reverse Audio […]
  10. jhempe

    Daily Creates

    The daily creates for this week were a little difficult to do this week, but still fun. It was hard to focus on these this week just because I was so focused on the other assignments and the Radio Show Project. Doodle in Real Life- (10/12): Today was a Special Day- (10/14): My Famous Last […]
  11. jhempe

    Foley Sounds

    For this assignment, we were suppose to generate Foley sounds for different segments in a Charlie Chaplin video.  Since my birthday was in October I had to generate sounds from 1:01 to 1:30. The process to create it was difficult, I first had to figure out what songs I wanted to generate. I first had to get […]
  12. jhempe

    Spooky Sounds- 4 Stars

    For this assignment, we were suppose to use different sounds and music to create a spooky track. Creating this track was simple and a little tricky. At first, it was difficult to find the sounds and the music that I wanted to use for this assignment. I finally found the sounds I wanted on YouTube, […]
  13. jhempe

    Radio Show Commercial

    In this assignment, we had to create a 30 to 45 second commercial that would play during the radio show.  I used Audacity to create the commercial. I did not create a commercial that promoted a random product, I decided to make the commercial promote the radio show instead. I first used a text to […]
  14. jhempe

    My Radio Show Bumper!

    For this assignment, we were suppose to make a radio bumper for our own radio show. The process to creating my bumper was very simple now that I know my way around the Audacity program and know what I am doing. The challenge in creating this bumper was deciding on what I wanted it to […]
  15. jhempe

    What Happen to Carl?- Daily Create

    My story was about Carl’s biggest mistake was wearing his tiger fur shoes into the safari. Carl’s Last Mistake October 17, 2014 After years of enjoying his own Bengal animal safari, Carl could walk among his stripped friends without any worries. Then, one day, Carl made the mistake of wearing his Bengal fur shoes into […]
  16. jhempe

    Today was a Special Day! – Daily Create (10/14)

    Today was a special day because I was able to see my little sister play in her middle school volleyball game today. It is difficult for me to see her games because of class and homework. BUT, luckily I was able to see her game today because of Fall Break! My mother also took some […]
  17. jhempe

    Guess My Song! – Reverse Audio Quiz (2.5 Stars)

    In this assignment, we were suppose to take a song and using software put the song in reverse and post it on our blog for people to guess what is playing. The process for this assignment was very simple, especially now I know how to use Audacity. I love listening to music so the only […]
  18. jhempe

    What I will contribute

    Our radio group DSMW Radio decided that our theme would be current events. Our radio will discuss some of the main stories occurring in the world. Since it is a very busy time for sports we will be discussing a lot of scores and standings as well. The things I will be focusing on are: […]
  19. jhempe

    Weekly Summary 6!

    Well I have to say this was the funnest week for me so far. I truly enjoyed all the design assignments we got to work on this week. I loved working with different software and apps to change and edit images to create our assignments. These assignments also taught how to use some software. For […]
  20. jhempe

    Design Safari

    Taking photos that had the different concepts was very tricky but interesting. It was challenging in the fact that you were not just looking for anything, you were searching for certain elements in the objects. However, it was very interesting look at the objects from a different point of view. Color The first one I […]

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