1. jhempe

    TDC 1000! (Daily Create 10/4)


    For this daily create I took the photos really tell about me, and what means the most to me. I also took pictures of some of the work that I feel I did the best on.

  2. jhempe

    Rondo and Franklin- (3.5 Stars)


    In this assignment, we were suppose to take a head of someone famous and place it on the body of an animal or the other way around. For me this assignment was easy to think about the image I wanted to create. The process to create the image was …

  3. jhempe

    Propaganda Posters- (3 Stars)


    After seeing the instructions for this assignment, I knew that I wanted to do this. We had to take a World War II propaganda poster, and use editing software to recreate the poster to encourage or promote the DS106 class. The overall process to edit the poster was not …

  4. jhempe

    Tracing Myself! (Daily Create 10/3)


    The photo I chose to trace myself with was one from my Senior year pictures. It was me posing in my high school basketball uniform in the park. I really like the intensity the picture shows, it is not just a regular smiling picture.

  5. jhempe

    Weekly Summary 5!! (9/28)


    Well, I really enjoyed the assignments we had to do this week. Even though there were guidelines and criteria we had to follow for each assignment, we were still allowed to put our on personal creative touch to each of them as well. Going into these assignments I knew that …

  6. jhempe

    Splash That Color!! (3 Stars)


    Going through the different assignments the title Splash That Color really caught my attention. I really enjoyed doing this assignment, it was by far the most fun I have had. Going into it, there was a little struggle trying to figure out what picture I wanted to use. However, after …

  7. jhempe

    Apophenia (3.5 Stars)


    This assignment was very fun and interesting for me. However, starting out it was very difficult to figure out what object I wanted to use and how I wanted to use it. After looking around for about 30 minutes I finally found a toothpick, and I was able to think …

  8. jhempe

    How to be a Better Photographer!


    The most difficult aspect of the entire week was trying to add these suggestions into our photographs and drawings. I found that the best ways to use these tips was into the photoblitzing assignment. Even though, this was a challenge I do think that these tips really helped make my …

  9. jhempe

    Noise Pollution- Daily Create (9/27)


    For this daily create it is my dad starting his motorcycle as he is about to leave to go get us food. Then I decided to go into the backyard and play with my dog for little bit. You can hear the wind blowing and some of the birds chirping …

  10. jhempe

    Pimp up your Flickr


    I was really glad that we were assigned to edit and improve our Flickr accounts, because I have been wanting to do some stuff to mine I just have not had a chance yet. The first change I made was to, connect my Flickr account with twitter. Twitter is the …

  11. jhempe



    This assignment was very interesting and stressful at the same time. I found it interesting in the fact that we had to be creative and really think about the different aspects that go into making a great and unique picture. However, it was stressful in the fact that we only …

  12. jhempe

    Daily Create (9/25)-99.3 The Vibe


    What is on my Radio?

    When I am driving, there are a few radio stations I listen too, but my favorite station is without a doubt 99.3 The Vibe. When I turned to 99.3, the song that was playing was Feel So Close by Calvin Harris. 99.3 plays a lot …

  13. jhempe

    Daily Create (9/24)


    Blue Print of a basketball hoop:

    I chose this blue print, because basketball is my favorite sport and to see the details that go into creating a hoop is really interesting to me.

  14. jhempe

    Weekly Summary 4 (9/21)


    Week 4 was very frustrating and challenging for me in some aspects of the week. Specifically with the assignments and trying to understand Audacity. However, the reflections and videos we had to do were very interesting and taught me a lot about storytelling and the fact that it doesn’t have …

  15. jhempe

    Listening to DS106 Radio


    I joined in on the radio when they were playing the famous song from the Rocky movies. After the song there was a man and woman discussing about an radio project that students had to do for the class, and the different techniques they had to use and where to …

  16. jhempe

    Sound Effects Story


    I really enjoyed doing this assignment, especially now that I knew how to use Audacity. The process of creating the entire story was very easy and simple using Audacity. The challenging part was trying to figure out what I wanted to tell my story about and trying to find the …

  17. jhempe

    DS 106 Radio Bumper


    Starting out with this assignment, I was getting very frustrated with trying to figure out how Audacity works. Even after looking over the tutorials the first time I was still having a lot of trouble editing the tracks and organizing them together. So I went back and started to read …

  18. jhempe

    About Audio Storytelling


    Ira Glass had a lot of really interesting points that caught my attention about storytelling. The first was the two major building blocks you must have in order to tell a good story. The first building block is an anecdote, which is the sequence of events that take place in …

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