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  1. Keelin

    Checklist Finale

     Schedule a 30 minute block of time to review your DS106 portfolio Scheduled appointment for Wednesday, May 2 at 2:00  Organize your blog My blog has been organized the whole semester! All assignments and daily creates are under the Assignments … Continue reading
  2. Keelin

    Final Reflection

    Over the past Spring 2012 semester, Digital Storytelling has taught me a lot about your identity on the web and how to share your creative work through different media. Over the semester, I learned to create different medias such as … Continue reading
  3. Keelin


    For this remix assignment, I used rdm1924g’s My Own Creation to create an advertisement for designing your own animal. The animal is a mix between a Lion, Frog, Eagle, and an Elephant so that’s where it got it’s Lioglelephant name from. I’m … Continue reading
  4. Keelin

    The Prequel

    The Remix: The Original: Remix Assignment: One Story / Four Icons [Remixed]: What’s The Prequel? This remix assignment was quite easy to do once I found the right movie for the prequel. I used My Sight’s One Story / Four … Continue reading
  5. Keelin

    DS106 Cheese

    DS106 Radio: Get Yer Ears On!        Remix Assignment: DS106 Radio [Remixed]: Turn Up The Cheese For this remix assignment, my job was to use one of the creations from the DS106 Radio visual assignment and turn up the … Continue reading
  6. Keelin

    Get Connectted

    Finally I have a visual to display for my final project. I decided to make a movie trailer to formally announce my final project. Can you guess the inspiration? So the overall idea of Rossanna and I’s final project is … Continue reading
  7. Keelin

    Good News!

    After browsing the web, I found that the old version of Windows Movie Maker is online for download and works for Vista and Windows 7. The download for Windows Movie Maker 2.6 can be found here: I’m super excited … Continue reading
  8. Keelin


    This tutorial steps through the process of how to record your computer screen on a PC. How to record your screen capture on a PC: Step 1: Download the software. I used Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Step 2: Open up … Continue reading
  9. Keelin

    Opening Credits

    One of my favorite movies is Paper Heart, mainly because it stars Michael Cera. The movie is a mockumentary and it’s about Charlyne Yi and he quest to find love. Right now the opening credits have Charlyne interviewing people off … Continue reading
  10. Keelin

    Up Up And Away

    Design Assignment: Animated Move Posters For this assignment, I created all my images in Photoshop. To move the balloons, I first had to cut out the balloons by using the quick selection tool and move it into a new layer. … Continue reading

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