1. kmgeckle

    Closing The Door On Junior Year


    Well, the semester has come and gone, and with that has brought some different changes to my digital footprint.

    For the most part, my social media has stayed the same. I mostly contribute to Facebook and Instagram. I’ve really focused on putting more out there on my Twitter page, and …

  2. kmgeckle

    A-R-M Reflection


    Working on the A-R-M module has been pretty cool! I’ve had fun expanding my knowledge on remixes and mashups, and making my own!

    Although I had worked with the two a decent amount during my DS106 class last semester, there was still a bit to learn. I mainly focused on …

  3. kmgeckle

    Mashing Things


    As I mentioned in a post before, I took DS106 last semester. We focused on remixes and mashups a lot. I had worked on one particular project, mashing two songs together. I chose “Follow Me” by Uncle Kracker, which has a steady calm beat. Then, I chose “Where Is The …

  4. kmgeckle

    Doing Some Research


    Here’s some of the research I’ve found on both remixes and mashups!

    Remixes: a piece of media which has been altered from its original state by adding, removing, and/or changing pieces of the item.

    only characteristic of a remix is that it appropriates and changes other materials to create something…
  5. kmgeckle

    Choosing A-R-M


    I was definitely pretty interested when I saw this module was available. Last semester, I took DS106, and in this class we did a lot of hands on experiments with remixes and mashups. Every time I worked with one I always started pretty stressed out, but eventually ended up having …

  6. kmgeckle

    Responding to Neuromancer


    While reading Neuromancer, I found myself interested in the direction that Gibson took the concept of “self”. In general, I’ve always thought the idea of a sense of self is what you do with the life that is given to you, and ultimately what you want it to be through …

  7. kmgeckle

    GIFs Reflection



    ** I just want to start of this post saying that I’ve been pretty sick for the last week, it seems to be some strain of the flu. Unfortunately I have been unable to make it to class many days. Because of this, I didn’t want to pull my …

  8. kmgeckle

    Working on Gifs


    I made two gifs! First, I made one with imgflip.com and then secondly with Giphy.com! They both ran pretty similarly, and were easy to use!

    first gif: https://imgflip.com/gif/yn4v2

    second: http://giphy.com/gifs/americanpie-4OScH8TOkPzKE

    Some note-taking:

    Gif stands for “graphics interchange format” It’s a bitmap image format Supports up to 8 bits per pixal…
  9. kmgeckle

    New to Gifs


    Hello all! I’m actually posting this on my blog much later than it was written because I’ve had issues logging in. But without any further ado, here we go!

    For my first module, I have chosen the Animated Gifs. I have two main goals for this module, to learn more …

  10. kmgeckle

    Hello World!


    Hey everyone, welcome to my page! Feel free to explore the place a bit. My home page is an “about me” blurb that I think will help you all get to know me a little better! I set up my domain my freshman year here at UMW as a computer …

  11. kmgeckle

    Advice To You All


    Hello everyone interested in taking ds106 next semester! Buckle in now……it’s going to be a long ride. Now I know what you’re all thinking, “that doesn’t sound good.” Well you’re definitely wrong! Imagine getting in the car in Virginia and not getting out until you make it to Orlando, Florida. …

  12. kmgeckle

    Last Weekly Summary!


    WOW did this semester go by quickly. Honestly I can’t believe it. I’m not going to lie though, I’m really excited to be finished and go home to Richmond next week! I’m really missing all my friends and family there. Well on to the good stuff, cause I know that’s …

  13. kmgeckle

    A Day In The Life


    Ever wonder what The Headless Ballerina does on her weekends off from her horror hosting job? I’m sure you do (I’d hope so at least!). I’m going to take you on a little day in the life of my host character The Headless Ballerina’s weekend (as told by her)!

    The …

  14. kmgeckle

    Mashing Friends And Emojis Tutorial


    Here’s a how-to for this simple little assignment!

    Step 1: Pick the emoji that you want to use. You can find them all here!

    Step 2: Once you’ve picked your emoji, find a friend (or yourself) who would be interested in helping out!

    Step 3: Find a picture of …

  15. kmgeckle

    Color Changer Tutorial


    Here’s a tutorial for the Color Changer assignment!

    There’s another tutorial for this assignment using computer software, but incase you don’t have any picture editing software here’s how to do it on the web!

    Step 1: Pick a picture that you want to edit. Try to pick one with a …

  16. kmgeckle

    Rhythms With Things – 2nd Assignment


    For my second assignment submission I decided to make an audio assignment!

    Recently I was watching the Pitch Perfect movies, and they honestly inspired this assignment. I thought it would be super cool to have people recreate different “versions” if you will of the cup song. Really just take any …

  17. kmgeckle

    Mashing Together Week 12


    I really really enjoyed this week! I honestly had never explored the “mashup” section of the assignment  bank, and it was fun to familiarize myself with it! Unfortunately there definitely are not as many assignments to choose from in that section, which was a little bit of a bummer. Maybe …

  18. kmgeckle

    Cheesing Up The T-Shirt!


    For my second remix assignment, I decided to go off of the “Create Your Own T-Shirt” assignment that I had already done a few weeks back! My “remix” was to “Turn Up The Cheese”, basically, I had to use some terrible over-the-top design elements to make my t-shirt ugly! So …

  19. kmgeckle

    Switch the Soundtrack!


    For my last mashup assignment, I decided to do Switch the Soundtrack for 3 stars! This assignment turned out to be pretty fun! Basically, I had to use a video clip from one movie and replace the audio with sound from another, but the change had to make sense! I …

  20. kmgeckle

    10 Second Throwback!


    For my second Mashup assignment this week I chose to do the 10 Second Throwback, for 3.5 stars! Basically, I had to choose two or more throwback songs to mash together to make a short 10 second clip! I decided to relate this one to my host character, and used …

  21. kmgeckle

    Mashing Friends and Emojis


    I got super excited when I saw this assignment (3.5 stars). I’m currently sitting at the ITCC with a few of my friends. I turned to my left, and I knew my friend Emily would be totally down to help! Basically, I had to take a picture of a friend …

  22. kmgeckle

    Remixing My Signature


    For for my first remixed assignment, I decided to do the “Your Signature” assignment from the design section. I went straight to the design section, because those tend to be the ones I most enjoy! When I came across this assignment I thought it would be fun, I really like …

  23. kmgeckle

    Ending Week 11


    Whew this week went by quickly! I’d have to say, I was a little nervous to be doing more video assignments this week, I didn’t think I was doing well with them. But I’d have to say that I’m pretty satisfied with how my assignments came out this week! I …

  24. kmgeckle

    Guess The Word!


    I found this assignment to be pretty cool, especially after participating in this years Lip Sync event (and no, it’s not the lip sync assignment!) For all that didn’t attend, the winners of the competition were the sign language group! I personally know no sign language, so I thought this …

  25. kmgeckle

    Juliet Doherty Highlights 2015


    When I came across this assignment I figured what better way to show off a dancer who both my my host character and I look up to, Juliet Doherty! Juliet Doherty is one of my favorite ballerinas out there, and she’s extremely accomplished for only being 17! She’s my favorite …

  26. kmgeckle

    Toby: A Dogumentary


    Yes, yes you did just read that title correctly. I decided to think a little out of the box for this one. When I read the assignment I had one person on my mind that I thought would fit the description perfectly. Unfortunately, I would have had to go home …

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