1. kmof1992

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower Minimalist Posters


    These pictures were relatively easy to make. I just found the images online, used the magnetic lasso tool to get just the typewriter and just the 45 single, added the text (courier new bold) and then filled in the green background. To get the right color I opened the original …

  2. kmof1992

    Weekly Summary: Digital Storytelling


    Lots of posts this week. We dove right into designing images. After learning some Photoshop basics in class, I used what I had learned to practice with the roller coaster swap and the album without sound, which I chose for my choice design assignment.

    For the other assignments, I did …

  3. kmof1992

    Minimalist Image Design


    By Hengki Koentjoro, from here

    This images is so compelling to me because of its simplicity. Of course, for it to be a minimalist image it must be simple, so that’s no surprise. When I look at this image, I imagine that the dock represents my life, and I am …

  4. kmof1992

    Ted Talk: Britney Spears on "How to Go Bald"


    This one was pretty fun. I’m not sure how the idea came to me, but I knew it was perfect.

    1. I downloaded the Ted talk template from here (scroll to the bottom of the post), and opened it.

    2. I found all the images that I wanted from the …

  5. kmof1992

    Design Assignment: Black and White Picture


    This one was actually really easy to do. I put the photo into Photoshop, used the lasso tool to draw out the shoes, then copied and pasted them onto the original image. I made the original photo the top layer, then decreased saturation until it was black and white (the …

  6. kmof1992

    An Album Without Sound


    The idea for this comes from here, a blog called Albums Without Sound. This is how it works (from the blog):

    1) Go to wikipedia and select “Random article”. This article gives you the names of the band

    2) Go to quotationspage.com and click on “Random Quotes”. The first or …

  7. kmof1992

    Roller Coaster Face Swap


    This is what I did in class the other day for practice in using Photoshop. First I imported the original picture into Photoshop, used the lasso tool to draw around the funny face, and copied and pasted it onto the image for as many faces as there are in the …

  8. kmof1992

    Favorite Cover from "Albums Without Sound"


    Courtesy of: http://albumswithoutsound.tumblr.com/

    I love this album cover. The past few weeks I’ve been obsessed with minimalism, so I’m a huge fan of the simplicity of the cover. The text on the top right is small and unobtrusive and colored with simply colors. It also strangely seems to fit with …

  9. kmof1992

    Weekly Summary


    Sorry these have been coming in so late; I’ve been filming all weekend for my SAC 423 class (literally! Friday-Sunday from around 9 am to 2 am). Last week we finished up the audio section. I enjoyed making the audio projects, and I’m happy with how they turned out.

    We …

  10. kmof1992

    Turn a Photo Into a Comic


    For this picture, I started with my current Facebook profile picture that was taken from the shoot for our nerf gun video a while back. I imported it into Photoshop and added the color halftone filter, then set the maximum radius at 4 pixels. It was looking a little bit …

  11. kmof1992

    Picture + Vintage Filter + Helvetica Text


    My Workflow:

    I started with a photo from my iPhone camera roll — I think this was on our way down to Florida during the long car ride. I emailed the photo to myself and then downloaded it to the computer. First, I opened it up in Photoshop and tried …

  12. kmof1992

    Response to "Images" by Robert Hass


    “Images” by Robert Hass is, predictably, full of images. He begins by describing his house late at night when everyone is asleep. And immediately, the reader visualizes the scene in his mind.

    Hass then goes on to discuss several poems, namely haikus. He discusses the the images contained in such …

  13. kmof1992

    Audio Projects


    The first project was for the dating radio show. I was trying to think of some questions that I could ask people that would elicit contradictory responses, depending on the person. And the “love at first sight” and “soul mates” debates are always interesting to hear, so I went with …

  14. kmof1992

    Response to "Living With Cancer"


    Credit John Klein Wilson / Michigan Radio

    I found this broadcast to be really interesting. I’ve had several family members diagnosed with cancer and most have turned out to be treatable, thankfully. I find the stories of people who live through cancer and beyond very inspiring. The story of the …

  15. kmof1992

    Response to "Sound Reporting"


    dsearls  under CC-BY-SA  licence

    The first part of the reading was really selling radio, and it was doing a decent job until it started listing things to keep in mind. These were things like “A radio news magazine may not have readily identifiable ‘sections’,” “Radio listeners, unlike readers, can’t skip …

  16. kmof1992

    Weekly Summary – Digital Storytelling


    This week we jumped right into audio. I did a critical response and posted my Vox Pop that was assigned in class. I also wrote up a post on what I plan on doing for the group radio broadcast for class. Finally, I did a couple daily/audio creates.

    Listening In …

  17. kmof1992

    My Plan for the Radio Show


    EDIT: I had something here before I realized it was all completely wrong. I wasn’t in class so I didn’t know that the theme was “dating;” now I’ve got to slightly revise my previous idea.…

  18. kmof1992

    Listening In – Response


    Image taken from the Flickr photostream of Sveeta Bogomolova and used under a Creative Commons Licence.

    Reading this article, I was struck by how nostalgic I felt thinking about sitting around the radio at night with my family, listening in, or laying in bed late at night listening. But those …

  19. kmof1992

    Weekly Summary – Digital Storytelling


    This week we started the audio section, which I’m actually pretty excited about. When I was little my mom always used to play channel 955, Mojo in the Morning. But since then, I haven’t paid much attention to the radio. Now I have a chance to learn more about the …

  20. kmof1992

    My Friends iPhone Stop Motion – Third Video


    Most of the explanation is at the beginning of the video. I was thinking of video ideas and scrolling through my iPhone 5 when I saw all these pictures in my phone. See, the iPhone takes pictures so quickly that when you put them together, they can make a little …

  21. kmof1992

    Weekly Summary – Digital Storytelling


    This week I made my second video for class, third one coming soon. I also did a couple Daily Creates. And finally, I did my part of the Beardfish video for class, which I’ve uploaded to YouTube. I’m keeping it private just until everyone else has theirs uploaded. And that’s …

  22. kmof1992

    Procrastination – Second Video for Class


    This one took a while to do.

    After making my Friends dancing video, I knew I wanted to do something completely different. One of my housemates, Kyle, and I had been talking about making videos together for months but had never found the time. This assignment gave us the opportunity …

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