1. kriezl

    the awesomeness.


    ds106 is amazing. i am truly enjoying it despite of all the work required to be completed.

    at first, it took me hours to figure out how to create my domain and blog. i didn’t know what a domain was? (i am a business student, bare with me…) i don’t …

  2. kriezl

    because i’m happy.


    i love this picture of me. it truly shows the happiness i was feeling. it captured my happy-go-lucky personality that i don’t normally show in a picture. this particular day was eventful. i was on my way to the Bacon Festival. although bacon excites me, that wasn’t the reason …

  3. kriezl

    burn all the chalkboards!


    i truly enjoyed the talk about social media by Michael Wesch.

    i related to all of his points. the ones that stood out to me the most were;

    -i like learning but hate school.

    -students will rebel and resist.

    -media has redefined relationships.

    school does not meet our needs. …

  4. kriezl

    the fourth quarter.


    i did not know i had to upload all of the daily creates via twitter, flickr, CANVAS, and blog with appropriate tagging.

    i was aware of the social networks and CANVAS.

    this so much to post on my blog in one day.

    bare with me as i panic.…

  5. kriezl

    haiii class.


    hi class! my name is kriezl. it is pronounced kre-zelle.

    think of a gazelle, but subtract the (ga)-zelle.

    then add (kre)+zelle.


  6. kriezl

    up to no good.


    during my vacation, i stopped by the VA Beach Aquarium with my best friend. the both of us have wanted to go for over a year. since i was there, we took a little trip.

    overall, the aquarium was a great experience, especially since it was my first time. towards …

  7. kriezl

    kriezl’s digital expressway…


    is what comes to mind when the term personal cyberinfrastructure is used. an expressway is a highway designed for fast traffic with its own designed exits and entrances. basically, the Mixing Bowl is what comes to mind when the term ‘cyberinfrastructure’ is used. is that weird?

    well, when i think …

  8. kriezl

    ds106zone LoDown 001


    first thing’s first; ScottLo has a really deep, after-hours-deejay-voice. it’s actually pretty soothing to listen to him.

    i am looking forward to his plan, which is no plan. this will be my first time utilizing podcasts. i haven’t found them too enticing, unless it involves my favorite music artists. even …

  9. kriezl

    holy cow



    currently juggling working, summer school and my internship. i am using Chik-fil-A as my temporary office location because my internship’s office is lonely. i need other human beings around me for comfort.

    i’m not going to say i’m overwhelmed because that may seem negative. besides, i have been given …

  10. kriezl



    oh, hi there

    i am super glad you found me.

    it means that i did something right.


    *jumps up and down while clapping and smiling*


    I wish Instagram was part of this class. I would instantly ace it.



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