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  1. @kspeonygarden

    Coming Up Roses: Week 4 Midweek Sum-Up

    Hello, everyone! We’re about to enter the home-stretch, for the semester. I hope you’ve been enjoying it as much as I have. So far this week, I’ve completed the daily creates for Tuesday and Wednesday: @ds106dc #tdc2381 Try Not to Laugh Challenge World-Championship!! — Kate Scott (@kspeonygarden) July 17, 2018 For Tuesday’s daily create,... Continue Reading →
  2. @kspeonygarden

    Videos about Videos

    Hello, everyone! In addition to reading Roger Ebert’s article about reading and analyzing movie scenes, I also looked at several short videos about various filming techniques, which I’ve listed below: This video is a collage of all of the zooms–both zoom-ins and zoom-outs–used in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. This video displays many different well-executed techniques in film... Continue Reading →
  3. @kspeonygarden

    Third Week Wrap-Up

    Hello, everyone! Since my last mid-week post, I completed the Daily Creates for Saturday and Sunday: @ds106dc #tdc2378 A conversation between Hades and Persephone — Kate Scott (@kspeonygarden) July 15, 2018 @ds106dc #tdc2379 Thorn & Arrow – look for their newest ad in fashion magazines, soon (not really) — Kate Scott (@kspeonygarden) July... Continue Reading →
  4. @kspeonygarden

    The Sound and the Fury – Considering Audio Storytelling

    Hello, everyone! Earlier this week, I looked at various resources related to audio storytelling; a page on Canvas detailing various software, such as Audacity and LAME, to help record and edit sound, as well as various sources to help find royalty-free sound effects to help enhance one’s audio story to make it more immersive; then,... Continue Reading →
  5. @kspeonygarden

    Week 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Hello, everyone! Another week has finally passed–it feels like it’s gone by extremely quickly and lasted 1000 years, at the same time! Since my mid-week post, I completed three design assignments: the alternate book cover assignment, the alternative history assignment, and the superhero design assignment. I also completed the daily create prompts for Saturday and... Continue Reading →

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