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    Unit 4: Listening to Audio


    In 2004, Radioactivo 98.5, one of Mexico City’s most iconic radio stations, went off the air. The following year Olallo Rubio, its most popular radio host, released his podcast.

    He recorded it at a professional studio and it had different characters (some voiced by Olallo himself), good stories that sometimes …

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    First, What is Storytelling?


    When I was a I child, I took my first camping trip with my family in Easter. My uncle, who wasn’t very religious, told my cousins and me stories about the last days of Jesus Christ.

    It was nothing like Sunday School, though. He would sometimes end the story with …

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    My Personal Cyber Infrastructure


    I coded my first website in 1999, two years after I got connected to the internet using FrontPage Express and uploading the files to Geocities. I learned HTML by studying the code generated by FrontPage and comparing it to a laminated reference guide that I still have.

    I never uploaded …

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    DS106 Bootcamp 2021-06-17 19:35:00


    There was a time when I was feeling stuck and didn’t really know what to do next. I came upon Bill Burnett’s TED Talk about Designing Your Life and that got me going. I learned to reframe my problems, to make decisions and above all, I understood that the future …

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    Unit 1: Bootcamp summary


    All people need to express themselves. Some of them create complex works that elicit a reaction and some of them just throw some things around and put their name on it. I think that art needs to have a transformative purpose.

    To the latter I say, keep your art to …

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    DS106 Bootcamp 2021-06-08 19:46:04


    In Mexico City there’s an ice cream shop that sells popsicles of very interesting flavors. Among them, there’s one that has a chocolate bunny inside. My useless superpower would be to make those chocolate bunnies disappear.…

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