1. malbrycht

    Imitate some weather..


    This was a cool assignment.  I used Audacity to make my own sounds to imitate the beginning of a thunderstorm.  I made the wind myself, the rain was my fingertips on a Diet Pepsi can, and I also did my own lightning strikes. (Sorry could not figure out how to …

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    Spooky Sounds: AudioAssignments, AudioAssignments1418


    Spooky Sounds: (3 Stars)

    This was a fun assignment to work on, especially right at Halloween time!  I found most of my sounds that I wanted to go with on Freesound.org.  The following tracks were downloaded:

    Uncle Sigmund:  “Chainsaw”

    tcrocker68_girl:  “girl screaming”

    Puniho: “Chainsawing”

    Spoonbender: “Wind through trees”

    All of …

  3. malbrycht

    All Me In The Scene… Season 2 Ep 4 Nick & Frank


    In this audio assignment, I am to reenact a scene in which I play all the characters parts. (3 stars)  I wanted to use an episode from The Wire, so I decided that I would use the episode in which Frank and Nick have a discussion overlooking the port.  This …

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    Update from the roof, week ending 10/5/2014


    This week was a very crazy week.  I worked very heavily this week to get all of the assignments for the design week completed.  Design assignments tie so many concepts together.  In many of the design assignments, there were elements of visual, ideas of creations, and what tools do you …

  5. malbrycht



    In my designblitz, I hope to use images to explain my interpretation of design terms.  There are several terms that we were given to research and try to catch images of at least five of them.  The terms are color, typography, metaphors/symbols, minimalism/use of space, form/function/message, balance, rhythm, proportion, dominance, …

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    Checking in for the week ending 9/28/14 from the roof..


    This week was all about visual.  Visual is very important but as we have learned this week, visual can be deceiving.  When we covered audio, audio allows your brain to put the pieces together of the scene that the producer is trying to portray.  Visual can be altered though.  Some …

  7. malbrycht

    My 20 minute Photoblitz


    This was a very fun assignment.  I enjoyed finding the topic of each picture.  Sometimes you had to be creative.  I started my photoblitz at 11:44 am and ended at 12:04 pm.  Luckily, I was able to creatively take a picture for each of the requests.

    The first picture is …

  8. malbrycht

    Week Ending 09/21/2014, Checking in from the Roof…


    Audio.  This week we focused on Audio.  Audio is a topic that we each have over looked previously.  Never have I sat and thought about the work that goes into just making the sounds that we hear on movies, tv shows, and even audiobooks.  Sounds help us to identify with …

  9. malbrycht

    Interview with Jennifer Ralston


    Took the time yesterday to completely listen to the interview with Jennifer Ralston again.  I wanted to focus closely on all the details of the interview.  I was amazed over the details given to the audio recordings.  Some of the concepts that were covered in the interview were completely contrast …

  10. malbrycht

    New DS106 Radio Show Idea,


    This afternoon, while sitting at my desk at work, I found myself deep in thought over what would be an interesting topic to talk about if I were to run a “Wire” themed radio show on the ds106 radio.  I listen all day to talk radio so I know the …

  11. malbrycht

    WE 09-14-14, Live from the Roofs, #ds106, #wire106


    Checking in this Sunday evening to fill everyone in the week here from my view of the roof.  This week I feel like I got a lot accomplished despite illnesses and family issues with one of my children.

    My first assignment, I completed a 5 star assignment.  This was a …

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    #wire106, #ds106, WebAssignments, WebAssignments1223,



    The above link is to my Web Assignment discussing the use of the two primary colors red and blue in Season 2 Episode 1.  I have created a Timeline JS going through 11 photographs taken from the episode.  Each photo has been time stamped with it’s corresponding time slot …

  13. malbrycht

    #ds106, #wire106, Giffin The Wire


    Hello everyone.  This week was an eventful week.  I learned so much this week while making the six gifs.  This is a skill that I never thought that I would need or learn. :)  My kids are highly impressed since so many of the youtube videos that they watch have …

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