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    Weekly Summary


    This week I had a lot of fun really thinking about stories in a way I had never thought of them before. It really is much more of a structural, thought out thing rather than just trying to tell a story. I loved getting to do the assignment banks again …

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    Story Analysis


    One of my favorite stories to read is Harry potter. After reading and watching these videos it did open my thinking to ask, what makes it such a great story? If I could graph its shape each book starts relatively low because Harry is unhappy without his school friends then …

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    Assignment Bank- Writing


    A Story in Alphabet 

    A better cat dragged eggs for gators. Happily I just killed larry michaelson not oprah, phew! Quite right she told, “um violet? Wheres Xavior younis Zamborini?”

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    Dear Diary…

    Dear Diary,

    Ariel is so beautiful and her voice is remarkable. Not to mention she’s the …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week I really enjoyed the assignment bank! I thought it was so interesting the way it was set up and all the different posts I got to see. I thought in general it was a super creative way to take class. The little assignments were fun and not even …

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    Assignment Bank- 10 seconds of thanks

    Family Friends Kenzie Dogs Avocados Field hockey full time job

    When doing this assignment I had some hesitation so I did not reach the full 10 but I really tried to hone in on what was on the top of my mind. The normal 2 family and friends of course …

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    The Joy of Painting -Enchanted Forest


    In this episode of The Joy of Paining with Bob Ross he was guiding us through painting an enchanted forest. Not only was the video relaxing but it was super informative and he really made you believe that you too could create something as beautiful and magical as he did. …

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    What I want to accomplish in this class


    Hi everyone! I am very excited about this semester and learning more about the digital world! I would love to just have more knowledge about what all goes into digital studies and different platforms. This is something I haven’t yet studied and I do think I need to know more …

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