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  1. musicgirl708

    I Got My Own Website!!!!!

    I have my own website!!! The gif is an accurate representation on how I feel about it right now. 🙂 yayyy! My website name is and It’s in development right now,but you’re welcome to check it now. I’ll post an update on when it will be ready. see you soon!
  2. musicgirl708

    Life Lessons from Demi Lovato!

    Recently, I watched a documentary on Demi Lovato’s life story. I watched how she talked about how she overcame her challenges and how she got stronger and got back on her feet once again. While listening to her story, I learned that when she had an opportunity come her way she took it. She started … Continue reading "Life Lessons from Demi Lovato!"
  3. musicgirl708


    I tried to do The DS106 Assignment Repository  and at first I picked the “create fake tweet” assignment,but as I was doing it,I wasn’t satisfied with it. It didn’t look real enough and looked as if I typed it on Microsoft word 😀 Then I found this website and I was definitely happy 🙂 its … Continue reading "THE TIME RIKER LYNCH TWEETED ME!"

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