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    Radio Show Progress Week 2


    Here it is! The has been completed! Check out our modernized version of the Roy Rogers Show!

    The team did an amazing job working together. From beginning to end we worked together to sort our radio show project out and we got it done exactly in the way we set …

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    Assignments for Week Seven


    As you may know from the previous posts, the assignments that we are working on this week are for our Radio Show Project. As noted by the professor, our assignments should be going towards the overall project, otherwise we would be doing work would not make sense for the greater …

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    Radio Show Deign Project


    Above you will see a promo that I have made for our radio show! The title of the show as you can see is The Missing Painter.

    We have sorted out our roles and will be recording the show in the coming week.

    Here you see a real painting used …

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    Radio Show Progress


    We have been working together in groups this past week on radio show project. The project lasts through the end of next week. This week my group set up a communication method to ensure we are always in the know with what is happening and we included the professor in …

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    Assignments for Week Six


    Vogue Challenge

    Breakdown: I edited this photo to give it a Vogue look. I then got a Vogue logo that looked similar to the photo and added it. I wanted to give it a cool tapped on look.

    Create a Log that is Simple but Interesting

    Breakdown: I took this …

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    Design Blitz

    Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

    Balance – The Capitol in all ways is created with with this in mind. Just look at it.

    Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

    Proportion – My drink from Starbucks was crafted just to the right proportion.

    Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

    Rhythm …

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    Design Thoughts


    I really enjoyed doing this reading on all that goes into design. It is truly wild when you think about it and break it all down. EVERYTHING IS DEIGNED. We are all designers. Everything in life is deigned in some type of way even if it is unintentional.

    We learned …

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    Assignment Posts for Week Five


    Hi, everyone! This week as everyone in the class knows we are doing audio assignments for our weekly assignments. We started off with the radio bumper which on my previous post.

    This post is the Sound Effect story. Titled: Coffee Shop

    Breakdown: I recorded this in an actual coffee shop …

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    DS106 Radio


    I really enjoyed listening to the station for this hour with the class. I chose to listen to the first session of the week, which was Monday night from 8-9 ET. We listened to a story filled with mystery and curious sounds.

    I love how it was all broken down. …

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    Radio Bumper


    Here it is, folks! My radio bumper for DS106 Radio! I’m super excited to get going on audio content for class. As a person who has always enjoyed podcasting, this is going to be terrific.

    Breakdown of how I did this: For this assignment I recorded myself in a way …

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    Audio Storytelling


    Here a couple examples of audio storytelling that I wanted to share. One is a political podcast and the other is about fantasy football. Both are very different and both break down happenings and stories very well throughout the week to a huge listener base respectively.

    To explain my approach: …

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    Assignment Posts for Week Four


    – contrast

    Bringing out what is there even more.
    – perspective

    That’s you!
    – depth

    Where you decide to take it

    – balance

    How you’re presenting it
    – moment

    That point in time
    – lighting

    – foreground/background

    Where you are


    Take a photo that includes a manufactured product …

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    Assignment Posts for Week Three


    Your Character’s Post – Creating a background for my character

    Last week I introduced you to the the alternate version of myself who was friends with John F. Kennedy. Check out my blog post from last week see the character with the former president. He resided in Georgetown in Washington, …

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    Assignment Posts for Week Two


    The moment I saw this visual assignment I knew I had to do it. I was inspired by the original image of JFK in the assignment photo. I pass by one of the Kennedy’s old homes in Georgetown all the time and here is a photo of me in the …

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    Weekly Summary


    First we did our welcomes and we really going things going for Digital Storytelling! Once again, looking forward to getting started!

    Second we watched Bob Ross videos and were able to ease into the course by describing what we watched and relating it back to our class intro video from …

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    Hey, everyone! Excited to get going with our Digital Storytelling class! #ds106

    — Mike (@myclassaccount) August 27, 2021

    I created a new Twitter account to use specifically for our #ds106 course. Above is my first tweet. My overall goal for this course are to successfully run a productive blog for …

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    Trail’s End


    I was assigned to watch the Bob Ross paint his Trail’s End painting. I know people have continued to watch him through the years for a sense of comfort. He makes people feel at home and at ease with themselves.

    His Trail’s End painting went from a circle to and …

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    Excited to get going with this blog for our class! I’m sure that we will have a lot of terrific conversations. There are so many fantastic things that we can get into. My name is Mike and I am a senior at UMW. I am a Comms major and am …

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