1. @NatalieCPSC106

    Week 15-The Final Summary


    This week, for our final project, we were to create a story using some of the different forms media we learned about this semester. I chose to revolve my story around my created western character, Talie. I felt this was a great way to tie everything we learned about this …

  2. @NatalieCPSC106

    Talie’s Wild West Adventures!


    The final assignment for this semester was to tell a story using multiple forms of media such as video, design, audio, visuals, web, etc. I felt this final project was a great way to tie together all of the different aspects of media I learned about throughout the semester. As …

  3. @NatalieCPSC106

    Fundraiser Event Poster


    I decided to complete this assignment so I could incorporate it into my final project story. In my story, my created western character, Talie, is feeling down and looking for things to do to change her daily routine. She recently came across an advertisement for a running marathon that would …

  4. @NatalieCPSC106

    Event Advertisement


    I decided to complete this assignment so I would be able to include it in my Final Project story. I am revolving my story around my created western character, Talie. In this story, Talie has become bored of her everyday routine and has not felt like her normal self because …

  5. @NatalieCPSC106

    My advice to future ds106 students


    Future DS106 students,

    I found this course, Computer Science 106, to be very insightful and practical in that I have learned many skills that I can apply to my personal life, as well as my parents’ business. There are many benefits provided by taking this course, but there are just …

  6. @NatalieCPSC106

    Talie’s Wild Western Adventures!


    I believe that this final project is a great way for me to showcase in one assignment the different forms of media I have learned how to use this semester. I feel throughout this course I have learned a great deal on how to utilize the values that are provided …

  7. @NatalieCPSC106

    Week 13 Summary


    This week was web week! I found a few of these assignments to be harder than previous assignment types. However, some of them were pretty fun to complete. The one that I thought was going to be very difficult was the assignment titled “Storytelling within the web” where I was …

  8. @NatalieCPSC106

    My Dream Room!


    This assignment seemed like a fun one to complete. It required me to create my dream room using pictures from pinterest. In order to complete this assignment the first step I had to do was create a Pinterest account. That was pretty simple but, then I had to figure out …

  9. @NatalieCPSC106

    The Triangle Tool!


    I chose to complete this assignment because the image of the paint brush sparked some good memories for me. The image reminded me of a painting software that I used while in elementary school during computer time and I always enjoyed my time playing with it. So, I thought it …

  10. @NatalieCPSC106

    My Daily Create Story


    This week we were required to complete three daily creates. Completing daily creates is generally a usual task for each week. However, for this week, instead of just completing them and posting them to our blog, we had to create a story that incorporated them! I actually really liked this …

  11. @NatalieCPSC106

    Job Hunting!


    I chose to complete this assignment because I like to complete assignments that involve my created western character, Talie. For this assignment I had to develop a “fake” resume for a fictional person or character as such, I created a resume for Talie, the western character I created for this …

  12. @NatalieCPSC106

    Week 12 Summary


    I found this week’s assignments to be fun and somewhat challenging. This week I learned about the differences between mashups and remixes and completed assignments in each of these categories. I feel by completing these assignments it has reinforced all of the new techniques I have learned over the semester …

  13. @NatalieCPSC106

    Emoji Mashup!


    For my second mashup assignment of the week I chose to complete the assignment titled, “Mashing Friends and Emojis” because it seemed like it would be fun. In order to complete this assignment I first looked up emoji images. I chose about four emoji faces that a person could possibly …

  14. @NatalieCPSC106

    Talie’s Mashup video!


    This is my first Mashup assignment! This week we have learned about the difference between mashups and remixes. As such, one of our tasks this week is to complete 12 stars of mashup assignments, so the first one I chose to complete was the assignment titled “Mash Thyself, Before Ye …

  15. @NatalieCPSC106

    Week 11 Summary


    This week was our second week working with video. I feel I improved from last week and have a better understanding on how to use Windows Movie Maker and make additions, edits, and special transitions in my video creations. I started off the week reviewing a provided resource which I …

  16. @NatalieCPSC106

    Talie’s Six Second Art


    For this assignment I was to create a six second video of myself creating art. This week I have to complete ten stars worth of video assignments that incorporate my created western character, Talie. You can read more about Talie here. I chose this assignment because I do like …

  17. @NatalieCPSC106

    Talie’s 5 Second Film Joke


    This week we are required to complete 16 stars worth of video assignments and 10 of the stars must involve the western character I created this semester. As such, for this video assignment I acted as if I were my created western character, Talie. You can learn more about Talie …

  18. @NatalieCPSC106

    Week 10 Summary


    Wow can’t believe how time is flying! Week 10 is complete! This week we focused on videos. I reviewed many, many resources that taught me about the detail that goes into the creation of movies and how to analyze them. As such, I took this new information from these resources …

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