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  1. procsilas

    thank you all!!!

    dear all, several months without a single post… but creativity is out there, I just wanna share something what I think is a perfect example of DS106′s spirit (remix and share) starting from an awkward (I love this word) commercial promoting Spanish Lotto: Spanish Lotto commercial this is supposed to have very well-known Spanish artists …
  2. procsilas

    one more shot

    having a friend who is a walking imdb is great; sometimes we join with some other friends and we watch a movie, trying to avoid mainstream titles; one of the little treasures I discovered in one of those gatherings is “Händler der vier Jahreszeiten” (or “The merchant of four seasons”), a movie directed by Rainer …
  3. procsilas

    Moebius DS106ized

    my favourite comic ever, one of my favourite comic artists and my (currently) favourite programming language together in my favourite MOOC!!! the original image (moebius.jpg): the processing code (sorry, no formatting): float margin=128; PImage M; int DS=0; void setup() { M=loadImage("moebius.jpg"); size(1024, 768); // set it as background so no holes will be in the …
  4. procsilas

    Barcelona is a DS106 city (howto)

    in this post I’ll try to explain how I did create this map, hope it serves as a tutorial for somebody else! but first, some boring background about street numbers in Barcelona: traditionally, each house/building is consecutivelly numbered starting from 1, odd numbers in one side of the street and even numbers in the other; …
  5. procsilas

    Barcelona is a DS106 city

    here you have all the 106 street numbers in Barcelona city, 284 so far; next step is taking a picture of each of them… it is an example of a “visualization assignment” I created for the DS106 course: in a second blog post I’ll try to explain how I created this map and how …
  6. procsilas

    hell’s full of

    ahir vaig veure “Meek’s cutoff“, dirigida per Kelly Reichardt, un western sobre la travessa de l’oest esperant arribar a terra promesa i la desconfiança, ens els “teus” i en els altres, suposadament des d’una perspectiva feminista, o això és el que justifica la seva sel·lecció per la 19a Mostra Internacional de Films de Dones de ...
  7. procsilas

    ds106 best of best

    i’ve been seen impressive works during these first weeks; i enjoyed a lot the dailyshoot experience, in fact my favourite piece of work is this one from Colin Maxwell: repetition but not repetition, like a Penrose tile it covers all the surface but there is no pattern, it’s perfect! i also enjoyed playing with visual ...

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