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  1. procsilas

    stringers in the night

    if you ever come to Barcelona and visit the Boqueria market in Las Ramblas, don’t miss this small corner near the entrance named Pinotxo (Catalan name for Pinocchio), owned by Juanito, who also owns thousands of interesting stories gathered during the countless beers he has poured in such a small counter… and if food drives ...
  2. procsilas

    playing the robot

    a bit late (sorry) but I’ve been playing with several tools listed in CogDogRoo, trying to figure out which ones could help me to develop my ideas around story telling. I really liked some of them, specially bubblr (a stupid trial can be found here) and all the tools related somehow to flickr, as well ...
  3. procsilas

    procsilas digital infrastructure

    I completely agree with Gardner’s ideas on personal infrastructures; procsilas (I like to talk in third person of it) is just a collection of resources, thoughts and activity narrated, curated and shared through flickr, delicious,, spotify, facebook, twitter and, of course, this blog… in fact, my ultimate goal is building a network/ontology/whatever to support ...

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