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  1. rcrabbe


    Daily Create Create a photo that represents the idea of immortality   I took this picture while volunteering in Honduras.  To me it represents the immortality of education.  In this picture you see a bunch of college students building classrooms for underprivileged children.  Education is something that deserves to be cherished, and here we are […]
  2. rcrabbe

    The struggle

    Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 For this story, I didn’t want a happy ending at all.  I wanted it to be as suspenseful as the rest and I figured the only way I could do this was with a sounds effects story. Using audacity, I uploaded and trimmed down each sound that […]
  3. rcrabbe

    Wolf clip

    Part 1 | Part 2 I hope you liked my creepy video.  It originally wasn’t supposed to be in the story but as I was writing I realized it had been awhile since I added a new media.  Once again, I didn’t choose anything in the assignment bank, I just created my own video assignment. […]
  4. rcrabbe


    Part 1 The first media I chose to add I got the idea from the assignment bank using a web assignment called Storytelling within the web, except I didn’t do this exactly like the assignment says.  Instead of altering an already existing webpage, I wanted to make my own, so I thought of making a […]
  5. rcrabbe

    Business Card

    I present to you, my final project! To make this simple business card I used an already installed template that I found on Microsoft word. Then I simply added the formation I wanted to and added a small clip art picturing by searching “bricks”. I got the title for the company from my Uncle’s masonry […]
  6. rcrabbe

    Real life Red (Final Project)

    The city that never sleeps.  That’s New York City.  One of the busiest places in all America.  Crowds of people are always everywhere filling up every space imaginable, and the local coffee shop was no different. “May I have a small, salted, caramel mocha frappuccino please? “Name?” “Red” While Red placed her order she looked […]
  7. rcrabbe

    Who drinks beer??????

    Today’s daily create. Man let me tell you about the crazy dream I had last night. So, it was a normal hot day and I was standing on the corner of Winslow Arizona. It seemed like I had been walking forever just to get here. While I was walking the sky started to turn this […]
  8. rcrabbe

    The Adventure

    Today’s daily create Memento (2000) inverted story conventions by telling a story in reverse chronological order. Write your own story where the end is first, and the narrative works back to the beginning, but still makes sense in this order. Maybe things won’t be so bad afterall.  Calmed by the coolness of the flowing water, she […]
  9. rcrabbe

    New Background

    In honor of Week 5 and our upcoming story assignment, I have changed the background of my blog to represent the story I choose. I will be doing Red Riding Hood! I look forward to seeing everyone’s creativity and how ya’ll go about doing this assignment!
  10. rcrabbe

    How to remove an item from a picture

    For this tutorial I will show you how to remove certain things from any picture using Corel Paintshop Pro X6. We are going to start with this picture, and remove the girl swimming. To begin, upload the picture to Paintshop Pro Next, go to the left tool bar and select the drop down arrow on […]
  11. rcrabbe

    And the Volturi?

    I made this great idea for a mashup assignment! Take a movie that you really like.  Now think of a movie that has been compared to it, and make a new movie poster that incorporates the two! Be creative and really sell your poster! Everyone knows that for a while, the Harry Potter series and […]
  12. rcrabbe

    Another week gone

    As each week gets harder I learn how to better use different software.  This was the week of the video and it was without a doubt the most trying.  I would say the funniest assignment I did was the Movies by Number one, simply because it was fun finding all the pictures to use for […]
  13. rcrabbe


    It’s been a while now since I realized my lucky number is 4.  I see this number everywhere I go, no matter what format it’s in.  Not only that but I was born on 4/14, April 14.  Hmm. I decided to do the Movies by Number assignment on the number 4 for these reasons.   […]
  14. rcrabbe

    Who doesn’t like video games?

    Who remembers spending hours at a time in front of the tv playing your favorite game? Whether you played Super Mario Bros or Zelda, Sonic or War of Witchcraft, we all had different systems we used to play these games.  As we grew up, so did the gaming world.  It seemed like every year we […]
  15. rcrabbe

    How to remove a background

    For this tutorial I will show you how to use the software GIMP to remove the background from any image and then place the image onto another image. We are going to start with these two pictures   Open GIMP and upload the picture of Harry Potter In order to remove the background you have […]
  16. rcrabbe

    Always there

    For today’s daily create we had to Rouse Public Interest in the Daily Create via a Powerful Photo I found this image here and it reminded me of daily creates, so I added text using Picmonkey. We do so many daily creates that it is easy to lose them however, we each have a favorite that we […]
  17. rcrabbe

    The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For

    It’s almost time for the best act in the circus! Leo the Lion is an extraordinary, popular lion that is the envy of all other acts.  People from all over come to see this magnificent creature perform! But wait, oh no! There’s trouble!   I got the idea to do the Madagascar theme from searching […]
  18. rcrabbe

    Can you guess my song?

    For the create your own ds106 assignment, I chose to do a design assignment. It’s called: Guess The Song  You have to create a poster that describes a popular song while also using an image of yourself, without telling us what the song is. It’s kind of a mix between the minimalist assignment and the […]
  19. rcrabbe


    Is the assignment page down for anybody else?? It won’t let me see anything at all and then when I view the cached page and try to click on the links to individual assignments it won’t let me see those either HELP!!
  20. rcrabbe

    A Little Distraction

    Today’s daily create: The friendly cow all red and white, smelt some fresh food, to her delight I wonder what’s for dinner, she thought oh look! over there! steam from my pot! She wanders lowing here and there, smelling the flowers with seconds to spare daisies and sunflowers and dandelions too! so delighted she let […]
  21. rcrabbe

    Life is still here

    After that very horrible storm I mentioned yesterday, we thought everything would be gone however… our tomato plants survived the storm. Dailycreate: Draw Nature. Go outside, find a comfortable place to sit, and spend a few moments drawing something green and growing!   just a quick sketch.
  22. rcrabbe

    Stormy Tappahannock

    Last night we had the worst storm of the summer here in Tappahannock, Virginia.  The lightening awoke the sky with what seemed like enough light to rival the sun.  The thunder shook the very ground we hid on.  And you want to know the worst part of it all? THE CABLE WAS KNOCKED OUT FOR […]
  23. rcrabbe

    The 3 senses of video watching

    Sometimes it takes more than watching a scene to understand. You have to watch the way it is played out separately from the sounds, then listen to the sounds with just your ears.  Only then will you be able to see the bigger picture. (I don’t know how to get the video to embed as […]
  24. rcrabbe

    How does movie effects make you feel?

    I’ll be the first to admit that when I watch movies, I never concentrate on the technical points.  I don’t pay attention to the small things like where a person is standing in response to the POV, I like to focus on the whole. Ebert explained how where a person stands in a scene relates […]
  25. rcrabbe


    Another week has gone by with ds106 and this means I have another week’s worth of programing under my belt.  The main tool I have used this week was Audacity, and I must say this will definitely be a program I will use well after this class is over. When I first seen that we […]
  26. rcrabbe

    A look into my sketchbook

    Today’s daily create was to make up an artistic statement about yourself. Here is mine: Art is my way of looking at things through different eyes. The way I see things day to day are different from the way I see them when I want to draw it. I notice every little detail then. The […]
  27. rcrabbe

    Charlie Chaplin

    For the foley assignment I had to generate my own sounds that would follow along with Charlie Chaplin’s movie, The Circus.  Since I was born in April, I have to make sounds from 1:31-2:00. Check it out here: It took me two days to make this sound as close as I got it.  The hardest part was making the […]
  28. rcrabbe

    Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You

    So, for this audio assignment I chose to do Use the Voice.  Using a voice over similar to the famous Don LaFontaine, I had to create a movie trailer out of an everyday thing, or something normal.  I chose to do the birth of a baby because I feel like this is such an everyday thing that […]
  29. rcrabbe

    Charlie Chaplin

    For the foley assignment I had to generate my own sounds that would follow along with Charlie Chaplin’s movie, The Circus.  Since I was born in April, I have to make sounds from 1:31-2:00. Check it out here: It took me two days to make this sound as close as I got it.  The hardest part […]

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