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  1. Sofia Ahmad

    The end!

    I just wanted to post a little something reflecting on this semester! I was going through all of my posts that I have done for this class and I realized I am really glad I took this class because we did some pretty cool stuff! From the visual and design assignments to the radio show ...
  2. Sofia Ahmad

    Advice for Future ds106ers

    Dear Future ds106er, I want to start this off by saying, I would highly recommend this course to anybody!! This is one of those classes in college that really teach you things that you can use even after you have left that class. I came into this class knowing little about what the internet offers ...
  3. Sofia Ahmad

    Fandom Assignment

    When I started doing this assignment, I realized that this is the last creative assignment for this class. I can’t believe it is already the end of the semester! Time goes by too fast…anyways, for the fandom assignment, I decided to change a Hershey’s bar! I absolutely loveee Hershey’s chocolate..all types of it! One of ...
  4. Sofia Ahmad

    Final Project: Pakistani Food!!

    I have finally reached the topic of Pakistani food! In my opinion, I loveee Pakistani food. It is spicy, but I am used to it. Whenever my friends try it, they say it is sooo spicy, but for me it has become normal. I included a slide show made on Animoto. I decided to use ...
  5. Sofia Ahmad

    Final Project: Pakistani Jewelry

    I created a collage of photographs of different types of jewelery found in Pakistan. Long earrings, or big necklaces are popular to wear at weddings. Also, bangles are worn all the time too! To portray the jewelry of Pakistan, I created a collage using Publisher after I copied images from this website. The collage is ...
  6. Sofia Ahmad

    Final Project: Videos/Pics of Pakistani Fashion

    I shared with you guys the Pakistani Wedding. In those videos I created, I had many pictures of different people wearing various clothing from Pakistan, but here I want to highlight the clothes and styles of Pakistan in these videos from YouTube. The first video is of women fashion. You will notice that some clothes ...
  7. Sofia Ahmad

    Digital Story Compilation

    I decided to create a video assignment and made a digital story compilation of my favorite work from ds106. As I was creating this, I realized how much fun I had doing the different assignments and I am going to miss it!! I created my video using Windows Live MovieMaker. I got some sounds from ...
  8. Sofia Ahmad

    Writing Assignment- ‘Haiku it up’

    I decided to choose the writing assignment haiku it up to do as another project. I picked one of my favorite pictures from the dailyshoot to write about. Also, I wanted to include the haiku on the photograph itself, so I used picnik to put the text on ...
  9. Sofia Ahmad

    Mashup of Iron Man and The Incredible

    My mashup is finally done! I took parts of a trailer/scenes of The Incredibles and took sound from Iron Man to create this mashup. I wanted to take an animated movie and put sound from another action filled movie. I chose The Incredibles and Iron Man because both are some of my favorite movies! As ...
  10. Sofia Ahmad

    Mashup Project Idea/Progress

    I decided to do my mash-up project on a remix of dance songs. I wanted to challenge myself by not only having audio, but hopefully include videos in it as well. I am using audacity to mix the songs and then import them to Windows Live Movie Maker to include the video with it. I ...
  11. Sofia Ahmad

    Video Essay on Paul Blart Mall Cop

    I decided to do my video essay on the movie Paul Blart Mall Cop. This project was a great learning experience because I had never used most of these programs before! I posted in my previous blog all of the programs that I used to create the final work. I used MPEG Stream clip to ...
  12. Sofia Ahmad

    Video Essay Progress

    I have been working on the video essay assignment, and Jim is right when he says that it is very time extensive! So for those that have not started it, I really recommend that you guys get on it. I just wanted to blog about my progress so far. It has been going good, just ...
  13. Sofia Ahmad

    Web Storytelling

    This assignment was a lot of fun doing! At first, I was a little slow getting started, but the tutorial by Professor Burtis was very helpful! Once I got it rolling, it went good. I decided to use a Flickr page and created a completely random story about it.  I don’t even know where I ...
  14. Sofia Ahmad

    Final Project Proposal

    For my final project, I finally came up with an idea and am every excited about it! I want to record how much my culture affects my life. My parents are from Pakistan and I was born here, so there are many that I do, that involve the Pakistani culture, or the American culture, or ...
  15. Sofia Ahmad

    Visual Design Assignment: Album Cover

    I decided to do the visual design assignment, “An Album Cover”. This what I came up with! My random Wikipedia page came to this: My Album title came from the last 5 words of this quote: “To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others.” by Anne-Sophie Swetchine. The photo ...
  16. Sofia Ahmad

    A Short Sound Effect Story

    For this assignment, I used sounds from the websites and to create a short story. It was fun experimenting with the different sounds to create a story. The story ...
  17. Sofia Ahmad

    My Favorite Work By Others

    I really liked a lot of different works by so many different people. Everyone was creative in their own way and I enjoyed looking at what others created! Some of my favorite Daily Shoots are of the following: This photograph was taken by electrovert It is taken from such a unique view and it came ...
  18. Sofia Ahmad

    My Favorite Work

    Out of all of the assignments for this class, some of the photographs I took for the Daily Shoot assignment, were my favorites. Here is a favorite: I like this photograph a lot at first glance you can’t tell exactly what it is. It is actually of a clock in my room. I really like ...
  19. Sofia Ahmad

    Design Assignment: The Big Hip Hop

    This design assignment is The Big Hip Hop one where you take a photo from Big Photo and add lyrics from a top 100 song. I used the website,, to add the text in. It was pretty cool! I decided to use this picture of supporters raising their hands at a rally in the ...
  20. Sofia Ahmad

    5 Card Flickr Story

    Five Card Story: A Mystery a ds106 story created by Sofia flickr photo by jasonkgreen flickr photo by twothousandsuns flickr photo by srodgers2 flickr photo by NoiseProfessor flickr photo by afacewithfreckles I am walking through the hallway in an office building, when I hear something fall behind the door that I am standing near. I ...
  21. Sofia Ahmad

    Assignment 4: Daily Shoot!

    One week of the daily shoot assignment has passed and I am really enjoying it! I have been into photography for years now, but I never find time or motivation to get out there and actually take photographs. After I heard about this assignment, I got excited because it gave me the opportunity to go and take ...
  22. Sofia Ahmad

    Assignment 3b: Playing with Web 2.0 tools

    I decided to use Glogster to experiment with! It was a fun experience. At first it was a little complicated to get started, but once I got a hang of how to use the program, I was able to complete it. I included different things that Web 2.0 gives us the ability to do, things ...
  23. Sofia Ahmad

    Assignment 3a: Thoughts on Web 2.0

    Web 2.0 has evolved into something that can benefit almost everyone. I think one of the greatest things about it is the idea to be able to link everything together. That allows people with the same interests to share and see what they want. “Social media” is evolving more and more each year, and this ...
  24. Sofia Ahmad

    Assignment 2b: Personal Cyberinfrastructure

    The article brought up many good points. Building a personal cyberinfrastructure, would surely enlighten some people and make them want to engage it. The problem is, they have no motivation to. It needs to start somewhere and the place is in the classrooms where professors assign students work digitally, as the article tells. The push ...
  25. Sofia Ahmad

    Assignment 2: Experimenting with the blog

    WordPress offers many cool plugins to go with the blog. I had already subscribed to the comments plugin. It was very simple and only took a couple of seconds. Then, I installed the Akismet. I thought it would be difficult to figure out how to do it, but it actually wasn’t hard at all. The ...

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