1. saratmcd

    DS106 Post Secret


    One of the assignments I chose to do was create a DS106 Post Secret (2 stars): It’s time to get real! Design your own ds106 themed Post Secret postcard. Use photo editing software to experiment with different fonts and layering images.

    This course has definitely been a lot more difficult …

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    One Story/Four Icons


    Between our two options for “Visual Thinking and Symbols” this week, I chose “One Story/Four Icons” which is 2.5 stars. To keep it easy and stop myself from trying to remember every movie I’ve seen, I just chose to do my favorite movie and the first one that …

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    Weekly Summary #5


    I literally typed in “Weekly Summary #3″ before realizing it’s the end of Week 5. What?! I feel like this semester is going to fly by, and I can’t decide if I’m happy or sad about that.

    In other news, I LOVED visual week. Especially after the stress of audio …

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    Pimpin’ Up My Flickr


    In order to pimp up my Flickr this week, I created a bunch of sets (albums) for my photos. This included my best photos, outdoor pictures, travel, etc. Here’s the set of my best photos:


    I found that if you type “show” at the end of the URL of …

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    Story Map


    Assignment: Using Knightlab’s Story Map, create a map telling a story of a trip you took or would like to take. Include pictures. They can be your own, or from flickr (just give them credit). (4 stars).

    For my third assignment this week, I chose to do the Story …

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    Apophenia (Candle)


    Assignment: Find something in your house. Take a picture. Let your imagination churn. Make as many different augmented versions as you can think of. Help others see what’s in your head. (3.5 Stars)

    This mandatory assignment intimidated me because I don’t feel like I’m very creative, and this certainly requires …

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    I had such a fun time with this weeks Photoblitz assignment. Here’s a Slideshow of 5 of my favorite pictures from the Photoblitz, excluding the start and end times. On each individual photo I have a description of which assignment the picture was meant to represent. But try to guess …

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    Weekly Summary #4


    Well to start, this week was as difficult as I thought it’d be! Definitely the most challenging week yet, I’d say. However, the outcomes were very rewarding and I’m proud of myself for the things I created and learned.

    The first thing I did this week was watch and …

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    DS106 Radio Reflection


    This week, I set aside time to listen to DS106 Radio! I had no idea that was a thing, until this week. It’s definitely cool that this class has it’s own radio since this is where we’re learning the techniques of radio-working and telling stories on different platforms.

    When I …

  10. saratmcd

    Sound Effects Story: Mornings


    Whenever I wake up in the mornings, I hate the world. I know my last post was pretty pessimistic, so let me just say that I promise I’m a cheery person, but I am not someone you will ever want to wake up. However, once I force myself out of …

  11. saratmcd

    DS106 Radio Bumper (a.k.a. my downfall)


    “Pfft audio.. anyone can do that, how hard can it be?”
    Oh my goodness, I’ve nearly thrown my laptop across the room at least three times. Not only am I horrendously bad at anything in technology past Facebook and making a blog look relatively nice, but I also usually don’t …

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    Audio Storytelling


    I have to admit, when I first saw that this week’s assignments all were audio-related, I was extremely intimidated and slightly not looking forward to it. And I wonder, why is that? After watching Ira Glass talk about the processes that go into storytelling, I’m much more intrigued and excited …

  13. saratmcd

    Weekly Summary #3


    I found this week to be a bit easier than last week, or the weekly assignments were just a lot more enjoyable for me. Being able to sift through past ds106 students’ projects was interesting and inspiring, while it also gave an insight to the type of work I …

  14. saratmcd

    Shape of Stories (and my favorite YouTube video)


    For starters, I’m a huge Kurt Vonnegut fan, and the video of him telling a story about storytelling didn’t disappoint. He started out with average, and ended with a classic story that’s repeated in numerous ways in so many movies. The story I decided to use to apply his “Shape …

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    Story of Hiking in Five Photos


    This week, my friend and I went hiking in Shenandoah National Park, and I took some photos. As I was looking through them, I realized they collectively epitomized my emotions while hiking. Here’s the story:


    I found this activity to really expand my thought process when it comes to …

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    Appreciating past DS106 work


    This is the weekly assignment I was looking forward to most so that I could see other students work and use it as inspiration. After uncovering quite a few dead links and looking through some past projects, I found this post of a video showing a student’s commute to work. …

  17. saratmcd

    What is Storytelling?


    At the beginning of this week, I jotted a few notes down on what I think Storytelling is. I put it away for the week and continued with our assignments. For the Daily Creates, I thought about this question and tried to turn everything I did into some sort of …

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    Daily Create (9/12)


    Happy Friday!

    I read today’s Daily Create assignment while walking home from my last class of the week (woo!) and decided I’d just film a few snippets of the rest of my day and upload that as my daily create. However, the hours I filmed were spent entirely in my …

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    Making a Gif


    As part of our weekly assignments, I created a GIF. I looked up how to do it and saw a bunch of sites, but I figured the site “makeagif.com” seemed pretty promising.
    Two of my favorite movies are Shrek and Little Miss Sunshine. It was quite a toss-up between the …

  20. saratmcd

    Lowdown 001 ds106zone


    The podcast was such a refreshing assignment! It was nice to not look at a computer screen but instead, listen. I read a few of the other students posts and I think a lot of people came to agree that listening to podcast’s isn’t the first thing we do to …

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    Weekly Summary #2


    For starters, the work load for this week was certainly a lot more than last week. While the assignment that intimidated me the most was the GIF assignment, that ended up proving to be the least time-consuming for me and certainly the most fun. For that, my approach was to …

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    Reflection Post: Gardner Campbell


    Gardner Campells article on A Personal Cyberinfrastructure was interesting to read because I could see a lot of his ideas implemented in this class. We’re given our own domain and space on the internet to express ourselves. Not only that, but we’re being interactive with the internet and other sites. …

  23. saratmcd

    Reflection Post: Michael Wesch


    I deeply enjoyed Wesch’s speech about a new and fresh way of education. I’ve always thought it seemed silly that we, students, only memorize information to then repeat for a grade, and then forget. It’s only things that have interested me beyond normal information that I remembered, but that wasn’t …

  24. saratmcd

    Internet Map


    Here’s my version of the internet in my head! I’m strangely proud of this drawing. At first, I was just going to draw myself in a little house in Facebook Street, since that’s the main site I usually spend my time on, but then I thought about it, and I …

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    First Daily Create


    For my first Daily Create assignment, I chose this picture because it’s got a few of my favorite things: Sunflowers, photobooth pictures of me and my three best friends, a picture from my time in Edinburgh, a Human Rights Campaign/Equality sticker, and the effects of a sunset.

    For some reason …

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