1. sbernat

    Oalf’s New Business


    Hi! I’m Oalf and I like warm hugs! I wanted to tell you the story of how I started my new business of turning Aerndelle into the best vacation spot ever. Since my story is long, I created a video of it that is shown at the end of this …

  2. sbernat

    Week 4 Summary


    Week 4 was frustrating at times. However, the week was less stressful than past weeks because there was less work. That left more time to complete the assignments. I made videos using iMovie in middle school and high school so it has been awhile since I have actually used it. …

  3. sbernat

    Classical-Modern Mashup Tutorial


    This post may be only 3 stars (while the most video assignments are 4 or 5) but it’s time consuming if the internet does not want to corporate with you. After choosing to do this I assignment, I had to choose which song and music video I wanted to use. …

  4. sbernat

    Taylor Swift to Boccherini


    This video assignment was to use a modern music video and add classical music to it. I decided to use Taylor Swift’s Blank space and Boccherini featured in Master in Commander. I love Taylor Swift, she is my favorite musician which is why I chose her music video Blank Space. …

  5. sbernat

    Tom Brady Highlights


    The assignment was to bring together highlights of my favorite player into a video. I chose Tom Brady, who plays on the New England Patriots, because he’s the quarterback for my favorite team. He knows how to bring together the team to achieve success. I created this video on iMovie …

  6. sbernat

    Reading movies – an oxymoron?


    Reading movies is quite the oxymoron unless we are speaking of reading the scripts of movies (which we are not). To read a movie is to delve into the techniques put into the film making process that enhance the telling of the story.

    There is something about a well directed/well …

  7. sbernat

    Week 3 Summary


    This week was less stressful than I thought that it would be. I’m not one to record my voice because I hate the way that it sounds through a microphone so I was relieved to find that I could complete the assignments without having to record my own voice. I …

  8. sbernat

    Keep Calm and Make More Lines


    This daily create was pretty fun to make. Drawing lines was left behind when I started college and free time became scarce. It felt good to be able to just sit down and draw random lines to make a picture. Disney inspired my creation because they are a company that …

  9. sbernat

    Sounds of my day


    For this assignment I had to record different sounds throughout my day and then combine them together to create a one long track. I used the recording device on my phone to record any distinct sounds that I could hear while I went about my daily activities. I then loaded …

  10. sbernat

    Make it 800% Slower


    The assignment was to take your favorite song and use a sound editing program, such as audacity, to make it 800% or so slower so that it may be unrecognizable (which I soon came to realize that whether it is unrecognizable or not it really depends on what song you …

  11. sbernat

    Daily Create: Brides throwing cats


    At first I found a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger throwing a cat and really wanted to submit that as my assignment. I was not sure if it would count though, so I did not but I will post it below because I still think that it is funny and should …

  12. sbernat



    The daily create today was to draw a circle and then draw something to extend on it. Well, instead of drawing a circle I took a picture of a roll of stickers and then edited the it!

  13. sbernat

    Dialing up to DS106


    This is what I believe the dial up tone would be when connecting to DS106 if we still had dial up! If you listen carefully, you may be able to make out words that relate to DS106!


  14. sbernat

    Week 2 Summary


    This week’s assignments were good and bad. I found that I came to a road block on coming up with ideas for the design assignments. I believe that some are not as good as I’d like them to be because of this. Although, as the saying goes, you are your …

  15. sbernat




    The picture of the yield sign represents a typography. The script of the “YIELD” and the red coloring of the letters  illustrates that it an extremely important sign that needs to be acknowledged. These characteristics make this sign effective as a road rule.


    Symbols is what is represented …

  16. sbernat

    The Vignelli Canon


    The Vignelli Canon is an interesting read. He talks about what he thinks is important to graphic design work and then goes into different types of design.

    One of his first points made about what he thinks is important before starting any design work is semantics: doing research about the …

  17. sbernat

    No internet?


    What would you do if you woke up one morning and there was no internet?

    Society has lived without internet before and I think that we can do it again. All we have to do is use pen and paper for assignments, mail carriers to mail things that need to …

  18. sbernat

    This Assignment is Suspect: Who ate the strawberries?



    The strawberries were found by Billy Bob in the backyard of the house. He suspects that Piper, the dog, ate them. However, another suspect was found, Harry the Turtle. We also suspect him because he was nearby when we pulled up to the crime scene. Further analysis of the …

  19. sbernat

    Travel Itinerary


    For this assignment, I created a travel itinerary of a trip that I’d like to take someday. One of my best friends lives near London, which is why I picked it.

  20. sbernat

    Captivating Laptop Skin


    For this design assignment, I created a laptop skin from a picture that I love. The original picture was of a bucket of strawberries. I edited the photo to give it that hypnotizing look. I love the picture that I chose because I love food, especially fruit, and I always …

  21. sbernat

    Crime Scene


    For this design assignment that I created, I used my living room (a room that I am always in, which was one of the requirements) and turned it into a crime scene. I added crime scene tape, blood/unknown substance splatter and under some of the tape, if you look closely, …

  22. sbernat

    The Best Day


    My favorite artist is Taylor Swift. She’s empowering and sings about real events and feelings that anyone can relate to. This is why I chose to create a GIF of one of her music videos for one of this weeks assignment.

    The video I chose was The Best Day. In …

  23. sbernat

    Highlight Reel GIF


    First time ever making a GIF…I think I did a pretty good job. I tried to download GIMP or Streamclip but neither liked the fact that I wanted to download it onto my mac so I went to plan B ( or C is you count the previous option as …

  24. sbernat

    Week 1 Summary


    Most of the social media sites I had heard about or have accounts on so it was not difficult to create accounts if need be. Social media is so prevalent in the world today that I’d be surprised if the current college generation did not know a majority, if not …

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